Best Games For Xbox Series X And Series S in 2022

The Xbox Series X and Series S are finally out, and while there aren’t many large new exclusives on Microsoft’s newest consoles, the black and white bricks still include lots of terrific games.

Here are our selections for the ten finest Xbox Series X games, whether you’re looking for a new adventure or want to revisit an old favorite.

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1. Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 | Download and Buy Today - Epic Games Store

Red Dead Redemption 2 is a sweeping Western narrative of devotion, conviction, and the cost of infamy, charting the inevitable fall of a motley group of Wild West outlaws defying the inexorable march of civilization and industrialization.

There are so many things to do, so many people to meet, and so many places to explore in Rockstar’s most authentic and lived-in open world yet it’s giddily overwhelming. Red Dead Redemption 2 isn’t only Rockstar’s most ambitious project to date; it’s also a game so devoid of compromise that it’s difficult to know where to begin.

So, to begin, let’s go through the basics: It’s 1899, and outlaws in the United States are a threatened species. After a bungled theft in the developing town of Blackwater, Dutch van der Linde and his gang have retreated high into the mountains, where they are being pursued by terrible snow.

We strap ourselves into the spurs of Arthur Morgan, a cool and capable outlaw who was found by Dutch as a child and nurtured on the wrong side of the law and settle in for a 60-hour adventure.

It’s a straightforward and self-contained introduction, but it’s a clever one. The smooth cinematics offers a great first impression, immersing you in the gang and bringing you up close and personal with the actors as they attempt to shout above the roaring wind.

It also put me in a distraction-free cocoon while I learned some of Red Dead Redemption 2’s early controls and systems, which made the complete map open up to me a few hours later all the more impactful.

The mountain’s conditions are almost claustrophobic, with little visibility and deep snow trapping Arthur’s feet. After enduring this purposefully unpleasant atmosphere, being set into the truly open-world emphasizes the wonderful sense of freedom that the complete map provides.

More what a world it is: vastly larger, more gorgeous, and varied than the one we saw in Red Dead Redemption in 2010 (though sections of the map from that game are featured). Snow-capped peaks and wetlands are teeming with alligators. Forests abound, as do open plateaus.

Plantations and charming homesteads. Great lakes and narrow streams. Dark tunnels and dusty gulches There’s Valentine, a muddy livestock village with wooden buildings and rustic charm, and then there’s Saint-Denis, a dirty and booming metropolis with contemporary extravagances like electric trams, paved roads, and Chinese restaurants.

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The huge array of ecosystems and environments that have been perfectly sewn together is nothing short of amazing.

Red Dead Redemption 2’s slower pace, as opposed to something like GTA V’s somewhat faster pace, played a huge role in encouraging me to take in everything the world has to offer. Bodies must be manually looted, which requires Arthur to physically manhandle a body. Before firing, single-action handguns must be cocked.

Arthur’s guns, which he is not currently carrying, must be retrieved from his saddle. Before consuming coffee, it must first be brewed.

Some people would find this kind of thing tedious, but I enjoy it. There’s something meticulous about it that truly helps Arthur feel grounded in the world rather than skimming through it.

For example, I love the slow and mechanical process of cycling a new cartridge with a lever-action rifle by pulling the trigger a second time — you can even pause midway through for dramatic effect.

Rockstar’s designers didn’t have to take that into account, but I believe they do because small, nearly insignificant instances of subtle control like this instinctively immerse me even more in Arthur’s world.

In any case, because there’s so much to see and hear, it’s well worth relaxing into the tempo Rockstar is attempting to set here. You’ll hear one-of-a-kind talks that happen in camp following specific missions, as well as other custom speech that refers to previous occurrences.

I’ve witnessed everything from a fierce brawl between John Marston and his companion, Abigail, to the good-natured con guy Hosea Matthews regaling the young Jack Marston with tales of his recent fishing excursion while strolling through camp.

Whether you pause to listen in or not, all of this is going on around Arthur. It gives the impression that the camp is a miniature replica of the rest of the world, with people going about their business and interacting with one another completely apart from you. I can’t express how much of a genuine sense of life this adds to the overall experience for me.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is an undeniably beautiful game in every way. I love how it handles Arthur leaving dimly-lit buildings into the temporarily dazzling daylight outside, especially in murky, misty circumstances when beams of moonlight shoot through the trees.

Sunsets are particularly beautiful, and they seem to change depending on the weather system. Some are cold and hard, while others are soft and warm.

From the way, blood spreads on Arthur’s shoulder after carrying a kill to the way individual strands of his majestic mutton chops quiver in the breeze, the facial motion is a considerable step up from GTA V, and the level of granular detail is nearly insane.

The way mud becomes caked on wagon wheels. The way rust accumulates on a neglected rifle. It’s yet another long, long list that demonstrates meticulous attention to detail.

The tale thread that connects Red Dead Redemption 2’s bewildering assortment of systems and gameplay options is Rockstar’s most earnest story yet, and arguably the finest written.

It’s not necessary to have played Red Dead Redemption to appreciate and understand what’s going on here, especially since this is a prequel story found 12 years before Red Dead Redemption but knowing the larger plot and how it connects to the enigmatic Dutch van der Linde’s eventual fate was very rewarding.

As a fan of the 2010 game, I find Arthur’s relationship with protagonist John Marston to be particularly fascinating, and it’s handled admirably. Marston is an important character in the story, but Rockstar has been careful not to make him the center of attention to the detriment of Arthur.

Red Dead Online is a considerably slower-paced game than GTA Online, but it’s already jam-packed with activities and modes, laying the groundwork for a long-lasting multiplayer experience.

The PvP games might be frustrating, but the co-op options are fantastic, and Red Dead Online is large enough that you can ignore large sections of it and still have plenty to do. Gather some pals and saunter in if you haven’t already. It’s worth a look.

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2. Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Halo: The Master Chief Collection on Steam

With the addition of Halo Reach, the final missing game from the Xbox and Xbox 360 period, Halo: The Master Chief Collection has finally achieved its full fan-service promise five years after its release.

It’s a long incredible bundle, with six of Microsoft’s famous single-player and co-op campaigns, as well as legendary multiplayer modes, finally free of any red-flag technical issues.

343 Industries deserves a lot of credit for sticking with it after a notoriously terrible launch and finishing the house’s long-term refurbishment while the residents lived (and played) inside. The love letter to Master Chief has finally been sent, albeit a little later than I’d hoped.

Most importantly, matchmaking simply works. In the last week, I’ve played around 30 rounds with no issues, drops, lag, or BS. As a long-time fan, I think it’s fantastic that MCC’s interface allows you to request awesomely particular game modes.

Do you want to play a big team battle in Halo 1? You’ve figured it out. Are you looking for SWAT in Halo 2 or Halo 2 Anniversary? Done. Are you open to any of the games as long as an Oddball match is involved? Ask, and it will be given to you.

Every time I searched my own Halo-fan heart for the most bizarre possibilities I could think of, I was rewarded. Even Firefight (from Reach) has been imported and is still a blast; it’s no surprise that it helped fellow Xbox heavyweight Gears of War kick off a wave of cooperative PvE multiplayer modes that are still going strong today.

A quick word on Halo Reach, which is the newest addition to MCC and the first step in bringing the entire package to PC. In short, despite being a nine-year-old game, it still looks great in 4K on both Xbox One and PC, and it controls brilliantly. 343’s first PC game plays much more naturally on mouse and keyboard than Gearbox’s Halo 1 did in 2003, and it includes PC-specific customization features like FOV changes.

However, audio difficulties are now present, with sound levels for certain sections being too loud or too soft, however, this is more of a nuisance. That’ll be fantastic news if the rest of the Master Chief Collection’s PC ports are up to par.

All of the earlier campaigns, too, have aged nicely. Halo 4 is still underappreciated, and even with the 4K/60fps improvement, it looks like a contemporary Xbox One X game.

Outside of the resolution and framerate bump, Halo 3, ODST (also new since MCC’s original launch), and Reach are virtually untouched, and even Combat Evolved looks surprisingly clean in terms of visual quality for a nearly 20-year-old game.

There’s a reason it’s a classic. Meanwhile, Halo 2’s Anniversary treatment – which improved both the narrative and a small number of multiplayer maps (everything is available, but most of it hasn’t gotten the treatment) – is holding up well.

Most of the promises made by the Master Chief Collection are kept. It includes four complete games’ worth of single-player and co-op gameplay, all of which have been spruced up and run better than ever before.

It saddens me that, due to early online multiplayer issues, what should have been a celebration of Halo’s old-school multiplayer excellence has become a frustrating exercise.

Right now, all we can do is sit back and wait for Microsoft to fix their server and party issues, and until then, the greatness of a resurrected and expanded Halo 2 multiplayer remains a pipe dream. Nonetheless, amazing games like these should never be forgotten.

Even with its (hopefully temporary) internet troubles, this compilation gives more than a diehard Halo fan like myself could have fairly expected, and it packs an astounding amount of first-person shooter brilliance onto one disc.

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3. Forza Horizon 4

Forza Horizon 4 on Steam

Forza Horizon 4 keeps nearly everything that made Forza Horizon 3 the best racer in its class and bakes it into a game that won’t let you put it down.

The Horizon series’ characteristics of superb visual quality and sound design, a wide assortment of autos, and an extensive and entirely adjustable career mode are all present and correct.

What’s new is how much more efficiently Forza Horizon 4 pushes us to return with its changing seasons, periodically renewed challenges, and consistent supply of rewards.

The in-game season will change every real-time week, bringing a whole new appearance to the world as well as a slew of season-specific challenges. Every day, there are new Forzathon challenges to fulfill, and every hour, there is a live, online event to participate in with up to 11 other drivers with whom we collaborate to achieve a common objective.

During the four to five-hour introductory phase, you’ll get a look at all four seasons, but once the prologue’s first “year” is through, seasons will alternate monthly (online or offline). Autumn has been the focus of this review for the most part, and it may be my favorite season.

From the range of colors in the trees as their leaves drop off at varying rates to the soggy roadside puddles that remain in an environment that is growing too cool for them to evaporate, there just appears to be so much detail. Winter is also fantastic.

You’ll have a good sense of what to expect if you’ve played Forza Horizon 3: Blizzard Mountain. Not only has the world turned white, but the terrain has taken on a new identity as well.

The series’ supporting ensemble of cars is the largest and most diverse it’s ever been, with rides ranging from the 59-kilogram Peel P50 microcar to the ludicrously huge Unimog, which is fun but so big it can cause the chase camera some difficulty when passing under structures.

As a car fanatic, I was taken with how thoroughly British the barn finds were, reflecting a truly respected and well-rounded cross-section of British automobile culture.

Mitsubishi appears to have joined Toyota/Lexus in withdrawing from the Horizon series (at least for the time being), although Horizon 4 contains 450 cars from over 100 other manufacturers, so there are plenty of other options.

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For those looking for automobiles with the most modification options, cars with specific body kit options and other unique accessories are grouped into their tab. Horizon 4 features the new drift suspension and tuning options found in Forza Motorsport 7, as well as drag tires.

For some cars, there’s also a new track width option, which I checked out on a few older cars. Rather than having the tires under the tire arches, I spaced the rears out on my A9X Torana, which makes it seem a lot more pricey.

Showcases have returned, and they’re among the greatest of the series thus far. The Halo one will win hearts, but I’m particularly fond of the battle with the delta wing bomber, which is massive, fast, and spectacular to watch soaring so close to the earth.

Bucket List challenges are no longer available, but Horizon Stories, which are essentially the same experiences wrapped in a different environment, have taken their place. One thread immerses us in the role of a movie stunt driver, while another introduces us to a YouTuber who lists her top racing games.

This story, which is a superb and surprising in-game salute to some of the great racers that have eventually inspired the Forza Horizon series, pays overt respect to the likes of Ridge Racer, Test Drive, Smuggler’s Run, and many more.

I do miss the previous Bucket List approach, though, because I used to enjoy bumping into random cars all around the world (as well as accomplishing friends’ custom tasks). Horizon Blueprint, on the other hand, is back, and you can now construct races in any season or at any time of day.

This is a great opportunity to experiment with seasons that are a few weeks away from appearing in the main game. You may also utilize the pause menu to access Blueprint and play custom races whenever you want. Blueprint currently lacks a route creator, although one is reportedly on the coming.

Horizon 3’s fantastic in-game OneDrive music support has been unfortunately lost as a result of the demise of Groove Music support. The standalone app is still functional, but it isn’t the same. That’s the only bad news in terms of audio because the team has once again exceeded themselves.

It’s all fantastic, from a crow’s gentle call in a calm winter pasture to an Escort Cosworth’s enormous anti-lag, which sounds like Satan strangling on a popcorn machine. Forza Horizon 3 will always hold a good place in my heart, but open-world racing has never looked better than it does in Forza Horizon 4.

It mixes a stunning world that is four vastly different maps rolled into one with a continually rewarding and self-renewing racing experience, and I can’t seem to get enough of it. Playground Games hasn’t simply upped the ante; it’s blasted the hell out of the place.

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4. NBA 2K21

NBA 2K21 | Download and Buy Today - Epic Games Store

When we play cross-generation games like these on bright new boxes, we usually expect to see the same game, just prettier.

The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X versions of NBA 2K21, on the other hand, take advantage of the potential to take the bold step forward that the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions did not.

From the jaw-dropping variety in a presentation to the massive City that can be explored in MyPlayer, everything feels new and greater.

It doesn’t change the poor habits that have robbed the previous version of greatness: we’re still stuck with pointless grinding, vile pay-to-win microtransactions, and a slew of other issues that appear to be a direct result of NBA 2K21’s ambition.

There’s a lot to be thrilled about, yet, like a bad fast-break dunk, flair can occasionally overshadow substance.

But, my gosh, that looks great. In NBA 2K21, everything on the court — and everything that revolves around it – is a technical wonder. The player models are extremely detailed, to the point where I would regularly pause the game and view a replay just to enjoy them.

It’s incredible to watch players’ emotions change when they make contact in the air or compete for position off the ball. The sidelines, even without the players, feel considerably more active and energetic. It’s one of the first things I noticed about NBA 2K21 after years of watching stagnant (or often non-existent) movement courtside.

The unintended consequence of all of this realistic glitz is that when things go wrong, such as when a player stares blankly into space at the free-throw line, it appears odder than it would otherwise. Nonetheless, NBA 2K21 is a good depiction of the new platforms’ graphic capabilities.

I’m not sure why 2K needed the capability of the Series X and PlayStation 5 to pull it out, but in this version, the game is televised by a brand new broadcast team. Brian Anderson, Grant Hill, and Allie LaForce join the best play-by-play and color commentary team in sports video games.

It’s nice to have a vacation from Kevin Harlan now and again, especially because the new team takes a slightly more practical approach to Harlan’s glitz and glee. Even so, Anderson and his crew deliver the thrills when it matters most. Having some change in the booth is especially helpful for those of us who spend a lot of pace in play-now or franchise modes.

Outside of the arena, NBA 2K21 introduces a slew of new features. MyCareer has the same sad story as the previous-generation versions, The Long Shadow, but it now includes a branching storyline that entails going to the G League instead of one of the 10 possible universities straight out of high school.

The story follows a similar course to that of the PS4 and Xbox One versions, albeit there are some new features, such as the return of various characters from earlier 2K storylines, such as the over-the-top Jackson Ellis.

However, there is an option to skip The Long Shadow and go straight to the NBA, which I would still recommend. The writing is rarely good, and watching the G League games is a chore.

Worse, The City feels to be deserted. There feels not much to do besides shop, and with just 100 people on the server at any given time, it might ́ like you’re playing Grand Theft Auto without nobody to talk to. People I did see out and about were almost always skating by at a choppy frame rate on a skateboard.

It’s such a startling contrast to witness a beautifully illuminated urban area that feels barren and uninviting. The City appears to have a lot of potentials, but that would require a significant increase in server capacity, which doesn’t seem quite realistic considering how inconsistent the servers currently are.

Another issue with MyPlayer is that getting to The City takes an extremely lengthy time. Before you can do that, you must first pass through Rookieville, a set of courts reserved for newcomers to the online MyPlayer experience.

In theory, it’s not a bad idea, especially considering the smaller server population means smoother matches, but you can’t team up with buddies here, and the absence of clothing options means most players look the same.

It took me at least 10n bouts to get past Rookieville, and after my reputation reached Pro status, I was unable to return. For series veterans, it merely felt like a needless delay, especially since there are options to skip over other aspects of the mode.

To add to the aggravation, your MyPlayer cannot be transferred from a previous generation version, which meant that the dozens of hours I had invested in my former character were completely gone once I switched to the Series X.

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This is most likely owing to the mode’s numerous modifications, including a redesigned badge system, but it also throws a bright light on the obscene microtransactions that can make the road back to a high rating a lot simpler.

I was only able to bring my player up to about a 75 overall rating with the Legend Edition I was given, and I was immediately encircled by players with better skill levels since I refused to purchase further Virtual Currency.

Even though getting dunked on can be fun, I’d rather it be because I wasn’t willing to spend an extra $100 on my player’s abilities. It’s a pity because MyPlayer has the potential to be one of the best and most sophisticated game modes in sports game history if it can just stop attempting to extort money from us.

The W, which allowed me to design a WNBA MyPlayer, is one of my favorite innovations to NBA 2K21. It’s worth mentioning that it differs significantly from MyPlayer in terms of functionality; for example, there is no story mode in The W, and you can’t explore The City with your created character.

Even said, certain exclusive elements can only be played inside the WNBA MyPlayer, such as a very excellent indoor 3v3 court, which was my favorite area to play. The remaining modified modes are hit-or-miss. The new MyNBA proves MyLeague and MyGM, which is a welcome change.

It includes good to have the best of both worlds, with MyLeague’s in-depth customization and MyGM’s role-playing components. The new menu navigation is also very useful, as it allowed me to bounce from trade prospects to coaching decisions in a matter of seconds or seconds.

NBA 2K21 takes full advantage of the fast loading times, and nowhere is this more apparent than in MyNBA. Controlling a WNBA league is also a wonderful feature since it provides a nice change of pace due to the smaller player pool and different gaming approaches.

While MyTeam is more of the same, particularly in terms of grinding out card packs or paying a lot of Virtual Currency to get the players you want, the Play Now online experience was surprisingly fun. Although latency proves an issue, my experience was far more pleasant than in the past.

The modifications to the gameplay enhance online play, where defense feels much more focused than in the past while controlling the offense with players like LeBron James feels better than ever.

I also had no trouble locating matches and didn’t have any disconnects in more than 10 online matches, which I couldn’t say about the previous generation version.

NBA 2K21 introduces a slew of new features to the next generation of consoles. It’s one of the most enjoyable sports game experiences I’ve ever had, both on and off the court. The action is fluid, the presentation is astounding, and NBA 2K21 brushes aside many of the franchise’s legacy faults.

The rest of NBA 2K21, specifically anything off the court, feels like the first half of an alley-oop. The MyPlayer experience has so much potential that it’s frustrating that it feels so empty and largely reliant on pay-to-win growth methods.

Still, the new MyNBA mode has a lot of depth and simplifies things in a refreshingly simple way, and being able to play most of NBA 2K21’s ability through the WNBA is a huge plus. In the end, it’s just disheartening to see NBA 2K21 pass on what appears to be a simple slam dunk.

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