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Are you looking for the finest Xbox One X games? Then you’ve come to the right place. When the Xbox One X was announced about three years ago, it completely changed the gaming landscape.

Games could now be played in native 4K resolution, and the Xbox One X was, for a long time, the most powerful system on the market. However, following the advent of the Xbox Series X, it has lost that moniker, and Microsoft has subsequently discontinued the Xbox One X.

That isn’t to say you should dismiss the Xbox One X entirely. You may continue to use your current One X until the Series X is released, or you may consider trying to purchase a cheap One X while stores strive to clear out any remaining stock. Perhaps you simply prefer the One X experience and don’t want to switch.

PS5 Review – Best For True Gamers

1. Gears 5

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Both in terms of gameplay and story, Gears 5 managed to pleasantly surprise me. That’s quite impressive for a series with six installments.

The Coalition pulled it off by taking the time to develop its trio of teenage protagonists beyond the foundations built in Gears of War 4 and having the bravery to change the series’ trajectory in an unexpected way.

While it makes no attempt to change what isn’t broken with the rock-solid cover-based shooting action, it does experiment with an open-world framework and augments it in innovative ways.

When you combine all of that with a diverse selection of multiplayer modes that range from tried-and-true classics to daring and spicy new perspectives on both co-op and competitive gameplay, you have a fantastic package that easily ranks among the best action games of the year.

Gears’ third-person action has progressed slowly but gradually from one installment to the next, and most of what’s new in Gears 5 is channeled through Jack, your trusty floating robot buddy.

You’ll acquire new abilities for him to utilize in combat, like flash-blinding your foes, resurrecting you and your teammates while you’re down, cloaking you, and more.

Upgrade components may be found all around the world, allowing you to specialize in a few areas or have a little bit of everything.

I loved the additional tactical levels he provided, and while I varied my chosen Jack ability depending on the occasion, I was especially grateful for Stim’s healing abilities in the later stages of the campaign, which spared me from dying multiple times.

And, boy, does Gears of War’s combat still feel amazing. This is possibly the only series in which I’m always glad to have the default weapon – the trusty Lancer – in my loadout, just in case I get the chance to chainsaw a bad guy in half.

Classics like the Longshot, Boomshot, and Mulcher are still present to satisfyingly chew your foes into little meaty chunks, while the Overkill shotgun returns from Gears of War 4 and packs a powerful punch.

New weapons like the Claw manage to stand out while also fitting in; Gears 5 does an excellent job of balancing old and new toys.

The open format of Gears 5’s middle two acts is also new. You’ll be free to roam the environment in your wind-powered Skiff, completing optional secondary missions of varying duration and difficulty. Jack enhancements are usually your reward, so they’re well worth your time.

This is a pleasant change of pace for Gears, much as it was for God of War last year (who knows if it was on purpose or by coincidence, but the fact that the first of these portions is located in a frigid tundra only makes to the comparison). Gears 5 stays fresh throughout thanks to a variety of boss bouts.

Arcade is the most notable aspect of Gears 5’s Versus. This new model is a more relaxed and chaotic game type that welcomes people who feel like they’re always the Gnashed and never the Gnasher. Rather than starting with the usual Lancer/Gnasher loadout, you’re given an armament based on your character, which you can modify at any time during the match between deaths.

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Instead of buying specific weapons and equipment like a Markza MK1 (my weapon of choice) or incendiary grenades with skulls, you earn them by downing and killing foes. If you die a lot, you’ll be awarded a skull, which can assist you to avoid feeling locked in a dead-end loop.

Your skulls survive deaths as well, enabling folks who aren’t particularly good at scoring consecutive kills a chance to earn a fun piece of equipment. There’s also a lobby for co-op versus bots, so if you’re bringing a new friend into Gears, they can learn how to ease into competitive play rather than being thrown into the meat grinder right away.

But it is Jack who is the most interesting of the characters. Your campaign’s robot companion is also a major support character in multiplayer, and it’s a ton of fun facing off against wave after wave of fodder with your team. Jack has a built-in laser that he may use to shock and damage foes, as well as a repair tool that can heal teammates and restore defenses.

Even better, his ultimate ability allows him to take control of an enemy unit for a limited time, allowing him to do creative things like take control of a Bastion and have it self-destruct in the middle of a Swarm.

At first appearance, he appears to be the type of character you’d give to a less experienced player, which is a good thing because he can stay in the background and provide help without taking as much direct damage.

However, in the hands of an experienced player, he may be used to executing some truly amazing techniques, especially since he goes invisible after some time when left alone. I’d make use of his greater mobility to flank difficult opponents and gather vital weaponry for my teammates.

To be clear, Gears 5 is a terrific third-person action game, which should come as no surprise. Even after transferring hands from original developer Epic to The Coalition, this renowned series has never had a misfire, and the hot streak continues.

What’s surprising is how well it doubles down on the story with a character-driven, consequence-driven story that taps into one of the franchise’s most unappreciated strengths and backs it up with fun, welcome updates to both the gameplay formula and flow.

And that’s just the campaign: Gears 5 also makes a robust multiplayer roster that includes Versus, Versus Arcade, Horde, and Escape, making it one of the strongest and most adaptable action-game bundles in recent memory.

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2. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Assassins Creed Odyssey Standard Edition | Download and Buy Today - Epic  Games Store

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, despite being set in ancient Greece, is far from Spartan. On a great scale, this epic-sized action-roleplaying game shines as a huge adventure across a majestic and beautiful open world.

With so little concessions between quantity and quality, Odyssey leaps ahead of its predecessors to become the series’ most outstanding game.

The Peloponnesian War, a decades-long fight between Athens and Sparta for supremacy over the ancient Greek world, begins more than 2,400 years ago in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. It’s a period replete with social and political intrigue, full-scale land and sea warfare, and a palpable aura of myth and legend to explore.

And it’s simple to see why it was worth battling so hard for after an incredible 60-plus hours of galloping, sailing, and slicing across that historical-fiction sandbox.

Odyssey’s world is the most expansive and colorful of the entire series. Despite the fact that much of its playground is surrounded by the Aegean sea’s temperamental blue waves, its playable area is vast, surpassed only by its sheer jaw-dropping beauty.

White-stone isles, perpetually autumnal forests, sun-blasted desert islands, an unending expanse of beach, alabaster cities defended by colossal bronze and stone statues, and the enticing, rolling waves of the open sea: Greece is a spectacular series of picturesque places.

These stunning sights come to life thanks to a lighting system that makes me stop and take pictures even after all these hours.

Of course, like with nearly all large-scale game environments, there are faults lurking beneath the surface. They range from minor immersion-breaking hiccups like draw distance that never seems to be quite far enough to capture the view, textures that arrive moments too late. or

slightly out-of-sync audio, to the more serious: getting terminally stuck on geometry, finding an unlootable lootable item, or having your tamed beast become untamed when you die and reload – which may very well cause you to die and reload again if you had at Bugs like these were unpleasant, but not enough to deter me from exploring what has quickly become one of my favorite open-world maps of all time.

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For the first time in an Assassin’s Creed game, we get the choice of playing as either a man or a woman: Alexios and Kassandra, siblings. True, they’re practically the same character in terms of the plot, but there are some significant variations beneath the surface. Kassandra’s voice acting, in particular, is consistently better than that of her brother.

Accents and voice delivery are hit-or-miss throughout Odyssey, usually lying somewhere between good and downright scenery-chewing, especially when it comes to no-name NPCs that sound like they’ve seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding once before being asked to perform an impersonation.

The facial movement of the main characters, on the other hand, is fantastic, and you can sense Alexios’ or Kassandra’s subtle disdain or confusion without their saying a word. Outside of whether your character is a good guy or a nasty jerk, most dialogue decisions are largely meaningless.

For example, if a desperate fisherwoman begs me to help her find her husband, who she fears has been overtaken by pirates, I could agree to help for the sake of love and reconciliation and all the brownie points, or I could tell her I don’t work for free and watch her hopes crumble like her former spouse’s body on the rocks.

However, some of your decisions have an impact on the larger world: different side missions become accessible as a result of your actions, and certain characters may survive or die – all the way to the various alternative endings.

I never felt as if I had screwed myself out of something I wanted to do, but I wanted have the freedom to be myself.

When the bounty was high enough, this endless stream of determined pursuers began to turn up in force to complicate matters when I was sieging a fort — and before I could finish battling, another would join, eager to hunt my head for coin.

Then another, and another, until I had to choose between fighting five headhunters while attempting to finish my mission in a heavily fortified fort, or fleeing.

They gained my respect over time, and I enjoy the unpredictable X-factor they bring to Odyssey. It’s a fun meta-game in and of itself to rise through their ranks in order to attract the attention of their famous warriors.

Similarly, the nation struggle system allows you to assist Sparta or Athens in each region’s war effort. You can start a conquering conflict by destroying supplies, pillaging war chests, or deposing a national leader. While these massive melee or naval fights are fantastic combat scenarios with plenty of riches, they have a very small role in the story.

The war engine keeps turning whether you’re attacking or defending, whose side you join, or who wins in the end. I eventually got to the point where I could swiftly weaken a region and initiate a conquering battle, effectively making these mini-wars farmable. Although seeing a hundred soldiers, captains, and mercenaries locked in combat saps some of their majesty, it is always a sight to behold.

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Every talent I chose felt worthwhile, even when I was exploring. I felt like I could take down a small army by removing shields from well-defended adversaries, unleashing brutally overwhelming strikes, activating life-saving heals, and using a variety of craftable special arrows.

Naval warfare is the other pillar of combat, and it’s the greatest it’s ever been in Assassin’s Creed. It’s the same old system of ramming, pouring arrows and javelins – both standard and incendiary – on enemy vessels, and navigating to avoid reprisal.

This time, though, your ship, the Adrestia, has a ton of good upgradeable options for buffing arrow damage, ramming damage, or durability at the cost of a lot of collectable materials.

While those fees continue to rise, ultimately saving up enough to put a point towards a new upgrade gives you a sense of true success.

Because of the improvements I chose, I was annihilating mercenary vessels several levels higher than me by the time I finished the main story, and I felt like I could handle anything the Aegean had to throw at me.

But, because to Odyssey’s clever upgrade systems, the sea is constantly present, even while you’re on land, because you may always be working on improving your ship.

In a similar vein to Shadow of War’s army-building Nemesis system, nearly every adversary you meet, from foot soldiers to Spartan generals, can be humbled and recruited to join your ship as a lieutenant.

It’s a clever optimization layer that not only adds customisation, but also keeps me thinking about the Adrestia even if I’m hundreds of kilometers inland.

Of course, even after so much time ruling Greece’s waterways, skimming across the crystal Aegean and plunging headlong into an armada of pirates, Spartans, Athenians, or even defenseless merchant vessels is something I like.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is a triumph in world development, environment, and compelling gameplay, with a few flaws here and there. Its amazing reproduction of ancient Greece is one I’ll want to return to long after I’ve finished the main story, and its brilliant systems work together in an unbeatable way.

While there are certain flaws, Odyssey raises the bar for Assassin’s Creed games and competes in the discussion over the best open-world roleplaying games of all time.

3. Battlefield 1

Battlefield™ 1

Against the eerie, antiquated background of World War I, Battlefield 1’s recipe for large-scale, objective-driven warfare is as intense and theatrical as ever.

Its single-player campaign is a delightfully surprise anthology of modest, personal stories that do a decent job of evoking the era’s tone while also exhibiting some of the era’s most renowned weaponry and vehicles.

The exciting multiplayer, on the other hand, makes the most of this old-school weaponry, introducing a number of subtle adjustments that keep the gameplay balanced and intelligent while still allowing for the trademark pandemonium that makes Battlefield such a brilliant first-person shooter series.

Battlefield 1’s vignette-style approach to single-player allows it to touch on under-explored theatres of war that made up the nightmare global campaign of World War I, rather than constraining itself to one time, place, and character.

Its brief prologue and five “war stories,” each spanning 30 minutes to an hour, whisked me away from the dreary, muddy plains of the Western Front to the sun-drenched deserts of North Africa. Battlefield 1’s campaign never goes too deeply into the political issues of The Great War because to the large leaps in both geography and time.

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These vignettes are more focused in presenting the personal experiences of World War I than delivering a bombastic historical lecture, and they do so with usually effective power and grace.

You and your fellow Hellfighters will meet death time and time again as you desperately struggle to beat back the invading German forces, but it won’t always be your fault. Because death is part of the plot, it can be awkwardly thrust upon you if you live longer than the script predicts.

Before being cast into the part of the next soldier, you are presented the name, birthdate, and date of death for each soldier.

While Storm of Steel does an excellent job of teaching you the fundamentals of Battlefield — how to shoot, reposition, and reload – its stark reminders of World War I’s staggering death toll set the melancholy tone.

“Through Mud and Blood,” the first story-driven mission, is by far the poorest in terms of character, and the massive rise in quality that follows makes me wonder why DICE chose this one as the opener in the first place.

You play as Daniel Edwards, a young, inexperienced soldier in a British Mark V tank unit pushing through German lines towards Cambrai, France.

It’s not that the story is horrible; it’s just that Edwards, like his quest, is terribly boring. Capturing locations along the road to Cambrai is a good way to learn about Conquest, Battlefield’s most popular multiplayer mode, as well as how to operate tanks, but it doesn’t give much in the way of story.

I initially mistook this bird portion for a tutorial on how to fly biplanes, but it comes later in the far greater second level, “Friends in High Places,” which succeeds in both gameplay and plot. It’s a level with a lot of high spots, both metaphorically and literally.

As a cocky American pilot who has entered the British Royal Flying Corps for his own enjoyment and the chance to fly the Bristol F2, you spend the majority of your time in the air. A fighter biplane. In single-player and multiplayer, flying any of Battlefield 1’s biplanes is a liberating experience.

They glide through the air as if it were butter, and they control the situation with ease and precision. I tore through the sky gunning down German aces, leading them full-speed against barrage blimps before drawing up and watching them crash as the American troublemaker described his exploits to his unsuspecting British co-pilot.

When it comes to the guns-blazing method, ammo is scarce, but weapon crates abound, and you can always scavenge weaponry from fallen enemies. This was, obviously, the greatest way for me to play.

The Battlefield isn’t designed for stealth, so getting the chance to try out a variety of World War I-era weapons (like newly invented submachine guns or simple, but effective bolt-action rifles) and changing up my tactics based on what I could salvage from enemy encampments was a more rewarding experience.

The muddy graveyard of fallen Mark V tanks, bodies, broken trees, and barbed wire that made up this No Man’s Land area was a sobering departure from the epic dogfights preceding it, a transition that Battlefield 1 handles with finesse.

While most military shooters try to make a huge statement about war while still making the horror of it a joyful adventure, Battlefield 1 maintains a balance through excellent storytelling.

As you stumble between phantom beams, evading notice while helping your crippled co-pilot up to safety, the horrors of World War I are brought to life.

However, the more outrageously epic character of your deeds is cleverly undermined by the cheekiness of this unreliable narrator, particularly the part that involves a spectacular aerial combat against two enemy airships.

After all, it’s possible that nothing you did actually happened. The single-player campaign in Battlefield 1 is a solid series of adventures with a few notable points, but it largely serves as a method to get a taste of the vehicles, elite classes, and guns you’ll be employing in the far more exciting multiplayer.

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4. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare | Home

Call of Duty appears to have ceased looking to other shooters’ homework for inspiration for the first time in a few years. That’s not to say it hasn’t succeeded in taking popular modes and features, such as when Treyarch’s Black Ops 4 jettisoned the campaign in favor of an incredible battle royale mode.

Infinity Ward, on the other hand, draws on its own heritage for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare this year. As a result, it has outstanding gunplay to go along with an intense and effective campaign and a fantastic multiplayer weapon customization system.

It didn’t understand, though, that even a powerful arsenal can’t compensate for bad map design, especially when there’s such a small selection at launch.

Mistakes in multiplayer and Spec Ops prohibit Modern Warfare from taking the high ground of its original namesake, but everything else indicates that the series is now moving in the right direction.

“As someone who has played every Call of Duty campaign and missed it last year, the new Modern Warfare is exactly the kind of single-player resurrection I’ve been yearning for.” It introduces welcome new types of gaming moments while masterfully executing old ones.

Sure, the story isn’t as shocking as it aspires to be, but it re-establishes a strong identity for the 16-year-old brand with a standout solo shooter experience. It seemed like old times in the midst of a rising pile of battle royales and looter shooters that don’t scratch that same itchy trigger finger.”

“The scaled-up version of Ground War in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is a chaotic good time, whereas Realism calms things down a touch to give a uniquely delightful challenge.”

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The rest of Modern Warfare 3’s multiplayer varies in quality, from excellent features like Gunfight and its extensive weapon customization to middling modes like Spec Ops.

Unfortunately, subpar maps in most of them make spawn camping a tiresome problem, and fleeing the ones where you know you’ll have a bad time is more difficult with map voting abolished.

But there’s a lot to do in Modern Warfare 2, and variety is crucial to keep things interesting after the rare unexpected low points.”

The campaign is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s strongest feature. Its well-designed missions are ideal for weapon testing and include a variety of unique elements that wouldn’t function anywhere else. Because of the war’s secrecy, some of its best moments emerge, including some tense scenes that are typically well-executed.

Meanwhile, the multiplayer maintains its quick gunplay and tremendous weapon customization, but none of that matters when forced to play on this poor set of launch maps. Nonetheless, Modern Warfare’s beautiful new Realism mode, large-scale Ground War, and quick-and-dirty Gunfight combine to keep things interesting.

5. Devil May Cry 5 is the fifth installment in the Devil May Cry franchise.

Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition - PS5 Games | PlayStation (India)

The initial Devil May Cry ignited my interest in action games in general, but the series has maintained its place in my heart as it has progressed because it isn’t just about killing every enemy in a room.

They’re about how you used swords, firearms, and a lot of leap cancels to kill every enemy in a room in an almost beautiful and extremely technical dance.

Devil May Cry 5 is the new apex of this subsection of the genre, owing to a wonderfully paced campaign that incorporates three distinct playstyles, each with enough depth to carry a game on its own; a fun and rewarding story; and, quite simply, one of the best combat systems in video games.

The story of Devil May Cry 5 is a little different in that it opens with what would ordinarily be the climax: you’re thrust directly into a fight you’re supposed to lose. The story skips over a time period of a few months, switching through perspectives as it relates the present-day story of Dante, Nero, and V after Dante stays behind to help Nero and a new character named V escape from a super-powered demon king named Urizen.

However, the depth, creative freedom, and variety of Devil May Cry 5’s battle are its three sets of tools. If you’re playing as Nero, your weapons include a revvable Red Queen sword, a charging Blue Rose handgun, a grapple that can pull enemies towards you, and an ever-growing armory of Devil Breakers, which are disposable mechanical arms that each provide Nero additional skills and utility.

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Punchline, my personal favorite, fires an arm at an enemy and uses fast rocket punches to keep them in place. But the real fun begins when you hold down the Devil Breaker button while Punchline is active, allowing you to hop on top of it and ride it around like a hoverboard, throwing enemies into the air with flips, 360s, and other sick tricks.

Finally, there’s V, who is unlike any other character in any Devil May Cry game because he scarcely does any of the fighting himself. Instead, he summons three familiars to fight for him: Shadow, a black cat that can transform into various blades and creatures;

Griffon, a bird that can fire a variety of electrical blasts from afar; and Nightmare, a monstrous beast that can only be summoned when V’s Devil Trigger meter reaches 100%. Nightmare fights totally on his own, and it’s a lot of fun to watch him burst through a wall or rain down from the skies and annihilate a swarm of enemies.

Because your familiars can’t actually kill anything, V must teleport about and use his cane to deliver the killing blow once an enemy has been prepared for the kill. This results in some extremely cool kill scenes in which V simply blinks from enemy to enemy, wiping them off one by one while your familiars fight on in the background.

Because you don’t have any directional control over Shadow or Griffon, using V effectively has a somewhat high learning curve, even by Devil May Cry standards. It can be difficult to get them to attack a specific enemy, and keeping track of where they are in respect to the enemy can be difficult as well.

It goes without saying that Devil May Cry 5 looks and sounds fantastic. Whether it’s Nero’s insane engine-powered sword attacks that send him flying across the level, Dante’s sly mocking of the numerous bosses, or V’s subtle mannerisms that merely add to his mystique, every animation oozes style and personality.

In comparison to previous Devil May Cry games, level design is more linear and less puzzle-heavy, which I appreciated because it preserved the game’s rapid pace and put more emphasis on skill-based combat difficulties.

For example, there are a few where you must kill a swarm of enemies before the platform collapses, sealing off a hidden room filled with goods. However, the locations aren’t as diverse as they have been in the past, and you’ll find yourself wandering through a lot of similar demon-torn cityscapes and horrific underground chasms.

With Devil May Cry 5, determining which Devil May Cry game is the best has become much easier. The combat is the most powerful in the series to date, the story does an excellent job of balancing all three of its main characters and doling out rewarding bits of its mysterious story at an enticing pace.

And the unlockable difficulties, sheer number of techniques to earn, and the upcoming free Bloody Palace DLC will provide a ton of replayability. Dante and Nero, it’s great to see you again.

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