Best Adventure Games In 2022

Adventure games continue to be one of the most popular and acclaimed genres in gaming, combining finely tailored moment-to-moment gameplay with excellent exploration, puzzle-solving, and narrative. This year, there were several excellent additions to the genre’s extensive repertoire, but only one could win the award.

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Best Adventure Games

1. Metroid Dread

Metroid Dread | Nintendo Switch games | Games | Nintendo

Metroid Dread initially appeared in 2005, and it was even mentioned in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption’s terminal. In many ways, the re-announced Metroid Dread of 2021 feels like the 2D-ish Metroid game we should have gotten 16 years ago, following two masterpiece Metroid games, Zero Mission and Prime.

It’s not often that we get to say this about a game that has been in development hell for more than a decade, but the wait has been well worth it: The long wait allows Metroid Dread to take advantage of the Switch’s power to substantially improve on what previous Nintendo systems could achieve, making the apparent ending to Metroid’s core tale something of a grand finale.

Everything works in handheld mode, but to enjoy the full 2D-style Metroid experience on your TV that we’ve been missing in the three decades since Super Metroid on the Super Nintendo, you’ll need to dock the console (that said, Zero Mission looks pretty cool emulated on the Virtual Console).

On a large, HD screen, huge alien scenes in diorama-like backdrops are lit by the dynamic glow of Samus’s weaponry and projectiles, revealing sprawling alien scenes in diorama-like backgrounds. The action never seems to drop a frame, due to the Switch.

That’s crucial, because fighting moves at a breakneck pace that only gets faster with each powerup. As you progress through Metroid Dread, everything seems to speed up. With boosts, dashes, and jumps, you may increase your movement and save backtracking time, all while destroying once-powerful adversaries in work time.

The limited controls of the 3DS hindered the action – especially the new, twitchy combat – in the last Metroid, the 3DS remake of Samus Returns. In Dread, the combat returns, but it makes much more comfortable – and fun – on the Switch.

The counter system from Samus Returns, which necessitates precise timing in order to react to foes who are obviously foreshadowing their strikes, is only one of several dashes, feints, dodges, and timed-charge assaults that make up your arsenal, and which can take up a lot of buttons.

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It’s not awful in handheld mode on the Switch, but Dread excels with the Pro Controller. I docked every time I had to fight a boss – and these are some of the toughest bosses in Metroid history.

Those boss fights range from the standard large, drooling creatures with patterns and weak places to virtually Smash Bros.-style encounters with foes who copy your move set. The variety is welcome, especially in comparison to Samus Returns, which pitted you against the same boss bugs over and over again.

I don’t want to give anything away, but these are some of the best action platformer boss fights I’ve ever seen: They all seemed impossible at first, but after winning, I felt like they’d helped me become a better player.

You’ll have several encounters with the creepy, creeping EMMI bots, which you may have seen a lot of in Metroid Dread trailers. These aren’t your typical boss fights; they’re more like covert missions (and sometimes a manic race to the finish line if you are spotted).

The EMMI pursuing you turns huge areas of the map into one-hit kill zones (you do have a brief window of escape, but it’s vanishingly small) — which makes another new-to-Metroid element of Dread, auto saving, immensely useful.

However, one part of boss fights that I dislike is the use of counters as quick-time events: Timed button presses that must be completed in order to advance to the next stage of a boss encounter. It’s impossible to tell whether you should be shooting a boss while you wait for its next counter-able action.

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Metroid Dread gets two new difficulty modes, both harder and easier -  Polygon

I’d like to be able to use my 200+ missiles to simply eliminate a boss the old-fashioned manner; what’s the point of having all those missile tanks if I can’t even barrage a boss with overwhelming firepower every now and then? When it comes to collectibles, the numerous ways where missile tanks and other upgrades can be found are breathtaking.

There are a few truly perplexing riddles that I found myself thinking in between play sessions, and going for a 100 percent run is a fantastic opportunity to see how the world is put together. The Speed Booster and Shinespark moves are especially well-suited to mind-bending puzzles, requiring very accurate, split-second platforming that’s both enjoyable to learn and satisfying to master.

I was even able to “sequence break” and gain certain upgrades I couldn’t utilize yet by using some classic Metroid moves like bomb jumping, which made me feel like a badass. That kind of adaptability and independence made the world feel more open to experimentation and exploration.

You can choose to play Metroid Dread in shorter bursts if you aren’t a completionist. According to the game log, I spent 11 hours on my first run, completing it with an 82 percent completion rate – but that figure clearly excludes pause screens, which you may spend a lot of time on because the map has been overhauled and now tracks mysterious things you can’t interact with, items you saw but didn’t obtain, and rooms with a secret you didn’t even notice.

I looked at the map screen a lot, not only to find mysteries, but also to figure out what I should do next. For the latter, I imagine many will turn to a strategy guide, as Metroid Dread does little to help you to your next objective.

I enjoy this adjustment as a general opponent of hand-holdy waypoints, especially in a game that prioritizes probing every block. In addition to the upgraded map, you’ll have a scanning tool that’s well designed to provide you with clues to undiscovered passageways while avoiding being led around by the arm cannon.

The map, and really the entire world, transforms a couple times as well, notably later in the game. While the new pathways you’ll have to work out and the opponent hurdles you’ll confront aren’t nearly as large as Castlevania: Symphony of the Night’s upside-down castle, they’re all very cool.

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2. Hitman 3

HITMAN 3 | Download and Buy Today - Epic Games Store

In Hitman 3, Agent 47’s signature style of slow-paced stealth in a variety of dense, dangerous, and deeply diversified murder playgrounds reaches a magnificent crescendo. While it doesn’t deviate from the lethal chord combination that IO Interactive created for Hitman in 2016 – and continued to employ in Hitman 2 in 2018 – it’s evident that the firm has nailed its act.

Hitman 3 may seem eerily similar to its two most recent predecessors, but just thinking about the hours upon hours of turmoil, bloodshed, and harsh humor that each of its six fantastic new maps will provide makes me ecstatic.

This last installment of IO’s ‘World of Assassination’ trilogy, which began with Hitman in 2016, could be considered more of an expansion than a sequel. If you’ve played Hitman before, especially in the last five years, you’ll notice that the bald bloke’s blueprint hasn’t changed much in Hitman 3.

The stiffness of the interface and controls hasn’t changed much, and the breadth of applications for your weapons and items hasn’t changed much either. The most prominent new feature in Hitman 3 is a camera that can be used to hack or study switches and items, which is convenient but hardly game-changing.

Hitman 3’s actual strength, then, is found in its maps. The six stunning and shockingly well-lit levels in Hitman 3 are all among the best in the series, making it difficult to pick a favorite. The film begins with 47 parachuting into the world’s tallest building in Dubai and invading its lavish interior, yet the high standard is maintained throughout.

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The follow-up mission takes homage to Contracts’ Beldingford Mansion map by transporting 47 to a similarly huge UK country manor, where one amusingly ironic path to killing your target entails posing as a detective investigating a murder on the premises.

Then it’s off to a massive German rave for a mission that oozes atmosphere and puts an interesting twist on hunting down your five targets among the throngs of sweaty, 24-hour party people, and then to Chongqing, China, where the glow of neon lights, reflections in the soaked streets, and the trickle of rain down 47’s jacket combine for perhaps the series’ most visually impressive mission yet.

The next trip is an Argentinian winery that reminds me of Blood Money’s outstanding A Vintage Year map, only much larger; finally, there’s a fantastic surprise unlike any other Hitman mission to date, which I genuinely hope isn’t spoiled for you.

It’s difficult to go into too much detail about these places without spoiling the fun of walking through them and discovering massive new areas you didn’t know existed, but these are some of the most memorable and remarkable maps IO has ever created, from the intimidating verticality on display while perched on the outside of the world’s highest skyscraper to the rustic charm of Thornbridge Manor.

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Hitman 3 review | Rock Paper Shotgun

I’m also cautious to expose the game’s unique assassination options, but I will say that Hitman 3 has the funniest and most intricate Hitman kills I’ve ever seen — as well as at least one of the most heinous – and there are still many more I haven’t seen yet. Yes, many of the killings are soft remixes of previous ones, but they’re still cleverly constructed.

The slow-burn thrill of these games comes from planning, patience, and staying hidden in plain sight, as it always does. Finding the appropriate disguise for exploration, listening and seeking for openings, and getting the timing just right to pull off the perfect crime and escape undiscovered are all critical to success.

It’s an unapologetically single-player experience that rewards rational thinking over rushing, though it’s flexible enough to accommodate both extremes: those who prefer to follow the multilayered mini-stories playing out within the levels to make invisible, surgical strikes and vanish without a trace, and those who prefer to improvise and leave piles of dead and unconscious men stacked like cordwood.

You can get away with it all because the AI, which is frequently comically naive, is still as exploitable as ever. Of course, in the current Hitman trilogy, deceiving the oblivious guards and citizens with unexpected distractions and suspicious items has become such a crucial element of the problem solving that I’ve learned to admire these dunderheads.

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These people won’t blink an eye at a serious-faced stranger dressed in the attire of a man with whom they’ve recently had a chat, and while this can make stealthy wins less plausible at times, it’s simply necessary for Hitman to function. As bleak as the murder-for-hire premise appears on the surface, this has always been a cheekily self-aware series that enjoys a certain amount of absurdity and macabre humour.

Hitman 3 is a fantastic installment in IO’s unique but beloved stealth series. It’s rich, satisfying, and extremely replayable. Although the principles haven’t altered since 2016, the game’s collection of superb maps makes it a sophisticated, dependable, and robust conclusion to the current Hitman trilogy.

Six maps may appear sparse, but each is massive and designed to be played multiple times – and even then, it’s unlikely you’ll have explored all of the game’s inventive and surprise assassination options. There isn’t a single weak link in the lot. Over the last two years, this barcoded butcher has made numerous cameos, but Hitman 3 is without a lot one of his greatest.

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3. It Takes Two

It Takes Two - PS4 & PS5 Games | PlayStation (India)

A happy marriage is like the ultimate cooperative game: you must know when to give and when to take, when to push and when to pull, when to talk and when to listen. Most importantly, you must always remember when it is your turn to take out the trash, which Hazelight Studios did admirably during the development of the nearly garbage-free It Takes Two.

With not a single dud among them, this completely brilliant co-op platformer manages to jam in enough new and exhilarating gameplay ideas to give Shigeru Miyamoto a migraine. It Takes Two, which centers on a pair of pint-sized parents named May and Cody, is akin to Honey, I Shrunk the Kids if the director had been high on LSD.

The world around you has been modified with all manner of fantastic contraptions and anthropomorphic things, not just supersized.

May and Cody’s journey back to their house takes them on dazzling detours through everything from outer space to a tiny nightclub housed inside an air conditioning vent (attended by grooving hordes of anthropomorphic glow sticks, of course), and serves as a sustained, 10-hour-long blast of co-op platforming bliss that’s constantly conjuring up new ways to engage and entertain.

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Cody and May are casting spells and swinging swords as a wizard and barbarian in an isometric dungeon crawl one moment then jointly directing a huge pencil around a connect-the-dots picture the next.

They’ll be hopping along the tumbling crystalised interior of a kaleidoscope before you know it, and just when you think Cody has run out of ideas, he’ll be piloting a tiny plane through the treetops while May fights a member of the local squirrel militia on its wings in a Street Fighter-style showdown.

It simply transitions from one fantastically bonkers form of gameplay to the next, each with its own unique set of rules, and nearly none of it is ever recycled. It Takes Two is like a box of donuts in the office breakroom: it arrives fresh, is eagerly devoured, and nothing in it goes stale.

Importantly, every action is a joy to carry out. May and Cody’s leap, double-jump, and air-dash abilities are incredibly responsive, allowing for easy levels of platforming precision.

But it was the complementary, character-specific abilities that compelled my partner and me to work together and make It Takes Two a unique style of platformer, turning seemingly simple ascents up the side of a cliff face into carefully choreographed back-and-forths and coordinated chants of “3-2-1-Go!”

May can use her claw hammer to plot a path of rungs for Cody to plant himself and bloom into a winding flower with petals for platforms early on, while Cody can use his bandolier of nails to throw into walls to plot a path of rungs for May to swing between, and later May can use her water gun to soak fertile soil to allow Cody to plant himself and bloom into a winding flower with petals for platforms.

Each of these gizmos and talents serves as a platform puzzle-solving tool as well as a boss-fighting aid: May’s clone ability allows her to teleport from one weighted switch to another to activate timed devices, but it also lets her to lure a charging bull boss into an obstacle before beaming herself out of danger at the last second.

The only drawback to the split ability set is that there are times when the enjoyment level is lopsided, such as when one character is pinballed around an area while the other can only watch, but it all evens out in the end, and it makes me want to replay the game with swapped characters just to see how the other half lived.

It Takes Two also has an uncanny ability to make the banal amusing. My children’s fidget spinners appear to be useless baubles in real life, the forgotten leftovers of a fading fad now cluttering shelf space. They’re whirring hoverboards in It Takes Two that let you surf your way over gigantic inflatable slides while doing stunning airborne tricks like a pair of little Tony Hawks.

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Furthermore, while many of the items in It Takes Two’s surroundings are there to serve a very specific gameplay purpose, a significant lot of objects are interactive simply for the sake of having fun. Although the big bass drum kick pedal has no bearing on your ability to complete a level, you can still buttstomp on it and bash its hammer into a towering drum for fun.

In any other game, the nicely lined-up dominoes in the cardboard castle section would be a static backdrop, but in It Takes Two, you may toss them all over and throw a helpless tiny soldier into a bottomless pit because it’s fun.

It’s the Mario approach of squeezing as much magical interactivity into every square inch of each play area as possible, and it ensures that every exploratory action is rewarded. The fact that It Takes Two makes you with endless lives and liberal checkpointing simply encourages you to try new things.

It Takes Two is a fantastic co-op adventure that employs a path of fantastic gameplay ideas to play a joyful game of hopscotch. It’s stunning, fast-paced, and brimming with inventiveness, with playfulness and experimentation rewarded at every turn.

It Takes Two is a very pleasant trip you absolutely need to do together if you have any kind of co-op partner in your life, be it a spouse, friend, sister, or other (even a child, though the topics might be too advanced for them).

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4. Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village - Launch Trailer - YouTube

The influence of Resident Evil 4 reared its snarling head as soon as I arrived in Resident Evil Village’s ominous rural surroundings. I was encircled by crazed Lycan locals almost immediately, and I hurried for shotgun shells and bookshelves to block doorways as the swarm closed in, only to be saved a single second from death.

It’s a tight welcome that serves as a terrific throwback to Shinji Mikami’s magnum opus’s introduction, and one that’s made all the more frenzied by the first-person perspective.

Resident Evil Village may not break any new ground in and of itself, but it successfully grafts Resident Evil 4’s best action elements onto the series’ more modern form established in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, resulting in a genuinely engrossing and combat-heavy continuation of the Ethan Winters story.

It’s a story that goes from severe straits to dire wolves, which is tragic for poor old Ethan. In an attempt to save his wife in Resident Evil 7, he is dragged to hillbilly hell and back, only to be dropped into a particularly Transylvanian brand of nightmare in Village. 

All four report to Mother Miranda, the mysterious head witch, and while none of them managed to elicit the same level of genuine terror as the southern-fried psychopaths in Resident Evil 7’s Baker family, I found them all to be entertainingly twisted in a slightly cartoonish, Batman villain sort of way.

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From the luxurious gold-trimmed interiors of Castle Dimitrescu to the grimy mechanical works of Heisenberg’s subterranean bunker, each presides over their own visually different dominion that you must survive. Each scenario has a distinct vibe, with one requiring a more stealth-oriented approach and the other leaning more toward psychological horror than combat.

Exploring the darkest reaches of Village’s world and discovering the true reason for these fairytale freaks’ current existence provided for an engrossing puzzle that kept me fascinated throughout my 10-hour game.

Aside from the aforementioned Lycans, there are undead ghouls, flying gargoyles, full-on werewolves, and more lurking around every corner, waiting to ambush you.

Their assault feels like an aggressive response to one of Resident Evil 7’s most glaring flaws: the lack of variation in enemy kinds; the game’s handful of lumbering monsters were dubbed the ‘Mold,’ an apt moniker given how soon they became tiresome.

Village corrects this by putting a much larger number of nasties in your sights; in fact, the last time there was such a diversified village of villagers, they were singing disco tunes about the YMCA.

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This new array of bloodthirsty monsters not only makes for a more exciting and growing series of combat encounters, but it also gives the revamped crafting system some much-needed depth and decision-making. Should you use your limited scrap to spend a landmine that will rip the armour off one of the tank-like Lycans, or should you use it to make sniper rifle rounds to remove nesting gargoyles from distance before they can swoop down on you?

Granted, most of these foes aren’t very cunning in their own right — the Heisenberg factory’s genetically enhanced mutants may have deadly drills for arms, but they’re far from the smartest tools in the shed when it comes to outmanoeuvring you one-on-one.

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Still, what Village’s various grunts lack in intelligence, they make up for in sheer numbers, and while I rarely encountered more than a handful of enemies at a time for the first few hours (outside of the initial overwhelming village reception), the size of these enemy swarms began to swell significantly around the midpoint.

I was enjoying indulging in chaotic levels of carnage towards the end of the story, which reminded me more of a fast-paced Call of Duty campaign than a slow-paced horror game.

That’s a significant improvement over Ethan’s vulnerability in Resident Evil 7 – especially in the first half – and a passing mention to military training in the prologue is used to explain why he feels so much more combat ready this time around.

He can easily leap over fences and through open windows to stay on the run during a scrap, and if you’re quick enough on the trigger, he can even shoot down flaming arrows shot by Lycan archers, much like Leon could in Resident Evil 4.

Certain environmental features, such as massive machinery traps at Heisenberg’s headquarters that enemies can be enticed into and a zipline that can be utilized to create some breathing room when you’ve stirred up the evil denizens of Village’s Lycan nest, also serve to level out the overwhelming odds.

It’s evident that this Resident Evil is dubbed ‘Village’ not merely so Capcom can painfully cram the Roman numerals for eight into its logo, but because visiting the village is a key aspect of the experience, and one that really sets it apart from prior installments in the series.

And, while you must visit each of the main villains’ lairs in a specific order, keys and other items acquired along the way reveal new passageways and secrets, ensuring that your travels to Village’s main hub are always rewarding.

It’s like visiting a weird and dangerous Disneyland, where every attraction is a house of horrors, roaming the streets of Resident Evil Village. Retracing my steps through the increasingly disclosed recesses of its huge village setting to unearth the darkest story secrets of its monstrous primary cast gave me just as much pleasure as reveling in its furious violence.

The boss fights are a letdown, but the wide diversity of enemies throughout the bit keeps things tense, especially in Hardcore mode.

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5. Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart 

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart - Exclusive PS5 Games | PlayStation - PS5 Games  | PlayStation®

Ratchet and Clank have been “saving the universe” for a long time, and their newest adventure, Rift Apart, is amusingly aware of this right from the start. But, thanks to an incredible excursion – their first new one in nearly a decade – that is a lovely and well produced example of what PS5 exclusives may look and play like, the duo’s age doesn’t show at all.

Rift Apart may be Insomniac’s most emotionally gripping game yet, even when compared to fantastic work creating out a universe for Spider-Man. Rift Apart makes familiar characters fresh and new additions so memorable that it’s impossible to picture the series without them, thanks to more heartfelt and clever writing that delivers on the promise of a multi-dimensional voyage unlike anything the series has done previously. Even if “Ratchet and Clank and Rivet” is a bit of a mouthful.

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Rift Apart’s mix of third-person shooting and platforming is immediately understandable, whether you’re new to Ratchet’s wrench or a veteran of the Dreadzone. Ratchet has always been a series about exploration and combat, and the latter has never felt better thanks to the 30fps Fidelity mode’s dip-free consistency.

While I’ve just had a brief look at them so far, the Performance and Performance Ray Tracing settings are even smoother at a constant 60 frames per second.

Because of how effectively the increased framerate maintains up with Rift Apart’s controlled chaos, I’m perfectly fine with skipping some of the visual effects on my Challenge mode run. The sense of never slowing down is also due to the outstanding load times, which are virtually non-existent, as promised.

I never observed a hitch, delay, or stutter while jumping through rifts to a new place on the same planet or a completely different one, or when switching characters. Some of the loading are ingeniously masked under clever cuts and cutscenes, but for the most part, Insomniac has provided a seamless trip from beginning to start.

Despite the fact that this is the finest PS5 game yet and one of the best-looking games I’ve ever seen, this is accomplished. Insomniac has leveraged its cartoony color palette to create a dazzling assortment of interplanetary landscapes, such as Nefarious City’s densely packed metropolis or Sargasso’s lush flora, which benefit from excellent usage of ray tracing reflections.

We used to hear people say things like “Ratchet and Clank looks nearly like a Pixar movie,” but Rift Apart has kept up with most of the work in recent hits like Incredibles 2 and Soul (though Pixar’s pre-rendered animation has an edge in key sequences).

It’s not just the various landscapes that halt me in my tracks; it’s the small details, such as the rotating gears on the iconic Buzz Blade weapon, and the sheer variety of them. I didn’t realize I needed to see Ratchet’s fur in such detail, but the enhanced animations and 4K textures allow the entire ensemble to be more expressive than ever before.

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Rift Apart also gives Pixar a run for its money in terms of being able to communicate an emotional story while still being a great comedy. While it’s the funniest game I’ve played in a long time, the narrative finds the perfect combination of humour and heartfelt sentiment, silliness and sincerity.

It’s also not overly preoccupied with past games to the point of repelling newcomers. Because of my familiarity with the series, I can only speculate, but I’m confident that Rift Apart’s best moments will land regardless of your previous experience with the pair’s previous adventures, thanks to the multiverse concept that allows the developers to introduce new takes on familiar characters.

Rivet, a playable parallel of Ratchet who proves to be one of Insomniac’s best-written characters ever and yet another unforgettable performance from voice acting veteran Jennifer Hale, makes her debut through the exploration of the multiverse (known for female Commander Shepard, among many others). Rivet is a strong-willed do-gooder with shades of Ratchet in her portrayal.

Rivet is a resistance fighter against Emperor Nefarious in her previously unseen home universe, and she is a strong-willed do-gooder with aspects of Ratchet in her characterization. Rivet, on the other hand, isn’t merely a gender swap; she’s a different personality with her own desires and goals, as well as trust difficulties stemming from years of fighting without a comparable Clank by her side.

Her story’s progression and how it’s connected with Ratchet and Clank’s swiftly establishes her as a crucial element of the series’ DNA. While the lack of Rivet’s own set of moves is frustrating, it does mean that you won’t have to worry about upgrading and equipping the two characters separately when you land on a new planet and are automatically swapped from one to the other.

Ratchet’s wrench (and Rivet’s hammer) may deal melee damage, but due to the larger scale of battles in Rift Apart, I’ve used his regular weapon far less frequently than in prior games. The rifts spread throughout Rift Apart come in helpful for both battles and scanning the environment for loot, and you’ll need to be more clever with the use of the diversity of bizarre weaponry.

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Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart Reviews Point To Another PS5 Homerun From  Insomniac Games

They’re strategically positioned across most combat venues to allow Ratchet to reach higher ground or cross the battlefield, and they’ve saved my life more times than I’d like to confess.

It’s reminiscent of jumping through a portal in Portal, but the on-screen effect of the new area hurtling toward you, combined with the DualSense’s haptics, gives the mechanic its own unique flavor, while bringing far more tactical flexibility to combat than the series has ever seen.

It’s never cool to leap over the battlefield, leaving enemies befuddled or astonished by your abrupt presence while gaining a temporary advantage. The ideal times to use them are during large action moments, when rifts propel you across vast distances — for example, from planet to planet during a chase or boss fight. It’s extremely amusing to stumble upon a later world and realize you only glimpsed it for a split second while dodging the fists of a giant robot.

Rift Apart by Ratchet and Clank is a fantastic game. It not only delivers the latest generation of consoles a game that looks as good as the better experience promised, but it’s also a blast to play.

Rivet and the other new characters add so much charm, humor, and heart to a brand I’ve enjoyed for much of my life, despite the fact that Insomniac has been around the Ratchet and Clank block a few times before.

This is combined with some of the best action-platforming gameplay in the series, as well as stunning art and music design. Rift Apart isn’t the biggest adventure out there, but its big heart, wacky weapons, and exquisite detail easily make it one of the year’s best.

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