What You Should Do When Your Laptop Gets Wet? (Best Tips)

For most business people or entrepreneurs, a laptop, like any other computer or smartphone, might be counterproductive. If you run an eCommerce firm, this could contain vital information and files.

Even if you’re not an eCommerce business owner, you’re probably using your laptop for a lot of your job. Laptops, for example, have made life and business easier! It’s difficult to imagine a single day without access to a laptop computer.

Nonetheless, you may encounter such situations, ranging from dropping your laptop and damaging the screen to spilling water or other liquid.

When you’re clumsy and prone to spilling and losing items, the risk is significantly higher. Accidents happen, spills happen, and sometimes it’s your laptop that gets caught in the crossfire, but doesn’t worry!

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Accidents happen at the most inconvenient moments, no matter how careful you are or how well-organized your office is. The most important thing is not to lose your calm or panic, as this will prevent you from thinking effectively.

When you spilled water or any other liquid on your laptop, you must act quickly. Keep your cool so you don’t worsen the damage to your damp laptop. Depending on the amount and type of liquid that has spilled, you may be able to dry off your laptop and resume work without too much damage or interruption.

Your laptop is always by your side. It is regarded as one of the best technological advancements since it allows you to take your office with you wherever you go. It has also aided in the development of a more efficient working method. When your laptop becomes wet and has liquid damage, there are a few things you can do right away.

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What You Should Do When Your Laptop Gets Wet?

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1. Turn off and unplug the wet laptop.

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Keep your cool and act quickly! If your laptop gets wet, switch it off as quickly as possible. If your laptop is still receiving power, this step is critical because if water seeps in, it may ruin electronics.

Don’t forget to unplug any and all devices that are linked to your laptop. This includes charging cables, USB drives, mice, and so on. Remove the battery that is linked to the laptop’s underside as well.

Simply press and hold the power button for a few seconds to turn off your laptop. Make sure the battery is removed and the charging cable is disconnected. Do not attempt to save your files or shut down the computer correctly. Try to disassemble your laptop as much as possible.

Begin by disconnecting the batteries and memory cards. To begin, take off all of the laptop’s easily detachable components. Make sure your mouse is unplugged, as well as any cords, plug-and-play drives, and DVDs. The goal is to leave your laptop unattended.

Open the laptop and set it down on a flat surface. The keyboard and screen should be positioned so that they resemble a sloped roof.

Depending on how much liquid was spilled, laptop surgery may be required. This entails opening your laptop’s internal components with a screwdriver, removing the parts piece by piece, and carefully inspecting and drying each component.

Undertake this only if you’re confident and comfortable with what you’re going to do. If not, take it to a nearby electronics professional or repair shop and have it done for you.

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2. Reassemble the wet laptop after draining, drying, and reassembling it

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Blot and wipe away any excess liquid with a paper towel. Then, invert the laptop in an upside-down V form so that the liquid spilled inside can seep out and away from your laptop’s delicate components.

Allow it to sit like this for as long as possible to dry out, preferably 24 hours or until all evidence of the liquid has been drained and dried. Make sure your laptop is turned off during this time! Never try to turn it on because it could damage the wet laptop even more.

Check on any batteries or other components you’ve removed and make sure they’re totally dry. If you attempted to open your laptop’s internal components, tighten all loose screws.

Once the liquid on the outer surface has been drained, dry the inside parts by placing the laptop in a sunny, dry location. It’s important to remember not to use or blow a hairdryer over the keyboard part.

You won’t have to worry about stains if you spilled water on your laptop. However, if the spilled liquid was an aerated drink, there’s a potential the interior parts will corrode.

If you spilled a sugary liquid on your laptops, such as coffee (with added sugar), juice, or soda, a sticky residue will remain after it dries. It may cause the keyboard keys to stick and make operation difficult.

Although the sticky keyboard may be cleaned, if the sweet liquid settles inside the laptop, the internal components may overheat and burn. By all means, never use a hairdryer or direct heat to dry any device that has been damaged by liquid. This can generate static issues and is considerably more difficult to fix.


3. Turn on the laptop and keep an eye out for any problems.

Finally, cross your fingers and say a quick prayer before turning it on. If your laptop turns on, that’s fantastic! However, keep an eye out for potential problems. Use all of your laptop’s features, such as the Bluetooth connection, CD-ROM and USB drive, and even the keyboard.

Even when the laptop is turned on, the keyboard may exhibit evidence of water damage. If you’ve spilled sugary liquids, this could happen. You can get a new keyboard for your laptop by taking it to a service center. You can also buy a keyboard and install it yourself if you order one online.

4. Have a professional inspect the laptop.

If the laptop does not start on, you will need to have it inspected by a specialist. Even before you start trying to save the laptop, the liquid could have caused damage.

Even if your laptop turns on, it may display strange symptoms such as an unusual sound, a keyboard difficulty, a distorted display, and so on. If the laptop displays an error code, make a note of it and give it to the technician when you bring it in for an examination.

Even though the laptop appears to be in good working order, it is always a good idea to get it checked up by a specialist. Laptop specialists are equipped with the essential instruments and software to diagnose internal water damage. Request that the technician cleans the laptop from the inside out to ensure that no moisture remains in the components.

Final Thoughts

Accidents can happen at any time! As a result, staying prepared at all times is a wise decision. Make sure you back up your key data and folders on an external hard drive on a regular basis.

Keeping backups is the greatest approach to avoid losing data if something goes wrong with your laptop. The duration of time the laptop is down will be determined by the type and amount of liquid spilled. In the blink of an eye, an accident can occur, and all of your data on the laptop could be lost.

Don’t take such a significant risk; instead, make it a practice to back up your data on a regular basis.

It’s better to invest in device insurance in the long term. It not only saves you the trouble of reviving your own laptop, but it also saves you the cost of a trip to the repair shop.

You can insurance your laptop for only a few dollars! You’ve just saved yourself a few hundred bucks and the inconvenience of having to purchase a fresh new laptop. If you rely on your laptop significantly, take precautions to ensure its safety by purchasing gadget insurance. Believe me when I say that your wallet will thank you!

Have you ever had liquid damage to your laptop or another electronic device? Let us know what you think in the comments area below. We’d be delighted to hear from you.

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