How To Use Laptop As Monitor For PS4 Gaming Console

If you enjoy gaming, you will appreciate the power and functionality that the PS4 offers. PS4 is one of the best gaming consoles, and it’s a lot of fun to play on.

With high-resolution action and over a hundred different gaming options to select from, you may lose track of time and play for hours. Whether you prefer strategic games, action games, or want to go on a zombie killing spree, the PS4 console has you covered.

So, what about compatibility? Sometimes we don’t have a screen at home to play on when someone else is watching TV, or worse, while your TV is being repaired! Many gamers are curious about how to use a laptop as a PS4 monitor in these instances.

It will allow participants to jump right into the action by using their laptop as a monitor, eliminating the need for them to wait for their turn on the television.

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How to Use a Laptop as a Sony PS4 Monitor

Using your laptop as a monitor for a Sony PS4 is more complicated than simply attaching an HDMI wire from the gaming console to the laptop and playing the games.

Everyone had been doing it with their PlayStation, connecting the gaming console to the laptop, if it was that simple. Is it feasible to connect these dots? Yes, it is possible; but, it is a somewhat hard procedure to manage, and you will need to put your thinking cap on while attempting to connect your console to your laptop.

To play PS4 games, you’ll need a laptop that can accept video input. However, most laptops don’t have such connections, and if you believe you’ll be able to figure out a solution quickly, you’ll have a lot more to learn. You can’t just plug in the HDMI cable and start playing games on the laptop screen.

The HDMI connection is only one-way, and there is no support for a duplet link. Both the PS4 and the laptop have HDMI connectors that are output ports, which means you can’t connect the two and obtain output on the laptop screen. Here, we’ll show you two methods to use your laptop screen as a monitor for your PS4 games.

How To Use A Laptop As A PS4 Monitor With A Capture Card

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The first technique includes using video capture cards to connect the console to the laptop. This procedure is not at all difficult. However, you will have to invest a few dollars to buy all of the necessary equipment for the shoot.

Your laptop, a video capture card, an ethernet or WiFi connection, file sharing compatibility, and an HDMI cable are all things you’ll need to put together the system.

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1. Turn on the file-sharing option in the PS4 menu under the setting tabs, and you’ll discover the network settings option under the network option, and you’ll now have access to your Internet connection. If you don’t have access to a wireless internet connection, you can connect via a WiFi router and the PS4 setup, and the computer.

2. After you’ve established the connection, you may begin streaming between the two machines right away. The video capture card must then be connected to your laptop via the USB port. The video cards come with an installation suite, and installing and configuring the application is a breeze.

3. Now you’ll need an s-video connection, which you can acquire easily from any retail store, and use it to connect the video card to the PS4 console. Simply seek for the HDMI-In connection with the capture card, while the HDMI-Out connection will connect to the PS4 gaming console.

4. Start the software and switch on the PS4 after connecting the capture card to the console. The app will detect and display the PS4 console on your laptop screen. Now you don’t have to hold your horses in order to express your wrath in games.

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How To Use A Laptop As A PS4 Monitor With HDMI

Solved] - How to Use Laptop as Monitor for PS4 With HDMI

With your PS4 console, you have access to Sony Remote Play, which is a program that allows you to stream PS4 games to your laptop. This system tool allows you to connect your PS4 to the internet via a remote connection, allowing you to enjoy your gaming without interruption.

You’ll need your gaming console, laptop, USB cable, or Dualshock 4 USB wireless adaptor, and your PlayStation account set up for this setup, just like the first approach we outlined above. This solution will only work if you have a high-speed internet connection.

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You must first set up an LCD screen on the laptop before beginning the process; you will need it for various PS4 system settings.

1. First, go to Sony’s website and download the most recent version of the remote play app that is compatible with your laptop’s Windows or Mac operating system. The app comes with an installer, so downloading it won’t be difficult.

2. Turn on your PS4 and go to settings to allow the Remote Play Connection after the installation is complete. By activating your PS4 or leaving it in rest mode, you will now have network connectivity for the games.

If you’re not sure if your PS4 is in rest mode by default, you can look into it by going into the power save options, and if it isn’t, you can put it in rest mode in the settings.

3. Toggle the “Enable Turning On” switch to enable your console to be operated over the network. On your laptop, open the Remote Application and look for the settings option.

You can adjust the screen resolution here, which should be set to 720p. The USB cable can be used to connect the controller to the computer.

4. Plug in the USB adapter and push it for a few seconds to pair the controllers with the laptop. On the Remote Play app, you’ll notice a start button.

Click it, and the app will take you to the Play Station login screen on the network, where it will automatically select your PS4 in the system. You’re now ready to use this way to stream games to your laptop.

So, these are the two options available to you. These two strategies are not difficult to implement. You can also look up at online courses and videos to learn more about the settings.

Do you prefer to play games on your laptop or PS4? Please let us know in the comments section below. Have fun gaming!

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