In this article we are going to see HOW TO USE AND FIX CHROME CONTINUE NOT WORKING.

Pick up where you left off is a convenient and useful feature in Chrome. If Chrome crashes or closes down without your permission, it saves your work, including all open windows and tabs. All windows and tabs reopen when Chrome is restarted. Isn’t it cool? However, many users do not appear to be able to use this feature.

In Chrome, there’s a great function called ‘Continue where you left off.’ When Chrome crashes or shuts down without your permission, it saves your work, which includes all open windows and tabs. Chrome will reopen all windows and tabs when you restart it. Isn’t it cool? However, it appears that the functionality isn’t working for a lot of people.

Part users have reported that when they resume Chrome, they lose some or all of their tabs and windows. Others have complained that even more windows and tabs are launched after the crash than they had open at the time. That’s bizarre to say the least. Is there a problem with the cache? Possibly.

When you restart Chrome, some users have reported that some or all tabs and windows are lost. Others have stated that when the computer crashes, it opens more windows and tabs than were open at the time of the breakdown. This is quite odd. Is this a cache issue? It’s possible.

Let’s have a look at some of the most common and less common Chrome solutions.

How Does Chrome’s “Continue Where You Left Off” Work?

The Continue Where You Left Off (CWYLO) feature in Chrome allows users to keep tabbed sites that were open when the browser was closed the last time. “Continue Where You Left Off” is a useful feature that prevents you from having to re-open pages by searching for bookmarks.

However, some users have complained that Chrome’s CWYLO feature isn’t working properly for them.

Chrome appears to open more tabs than it had when it closed in some situations. Chrome does not always start all of the tabs from the previous browser session.

More information about this feature, as well as how to make it operate properly, can be found here.

1. Update Chrome

Unless you disable the setting for a reason, Chrome updates itself. It can be updated in two ways. One option is to obtain the most recent version from the official website. The second option is to go to Settings and then to the About tab.

Another option is to just click the three-dot menu symbol and see if the Update Chrome button appears; otherwise, you are using the most recent version.

2. Turn off Extensions

While extensions provide a lot of functionality to the browser, they can sometimes cause problems. Disable all extensions and see if the feature “Continue where you left off” works. Select Extensions from the More tools menu.

To figure out which extension is causing Chrome to break, you’ll disable all of them and then re-enable them one by one. You can’t utilize Incognito mode because Continue, which lets you pick up where you left off, doesn’t operate in it.

This problem is known to be caused by the Google Hangouts plugin. Additionally, adding one of these two extensions has shown to be successful for a number of people. Continue where you left off using TabCloud. Session Buddy is used and recommended by many of my friends. It’s worth a shot.

3. Clear the cache

Cache could be to blame for the strange behavior. To access Advanced, go to Settings and scroll to the bottom of the screen. Now you should be able to see more alternatives. Just over the Languages header, scroll down until you see Clear browsing data. The following options will appear when you click on it.

Cookies and other site data, as well as images and files, can be selected. You should save all work because you will be logged out of all sites. After that, reopen a few tabs and windows before shutting down to test if the Continue where you left off option works.

4. Turn it back on.

Some users have reported success by disabling and then re-enabling the feature. Open Settings and type in the phrase “continue where you left off” in the search box.

Disable it, close Chrome, restart your computer, and then enable it again after a few moments. Please double-check.

5. Don’t Make A Quick Fix

There is a feature that allows you to “make a shortcut.” This function can be quite handy because it allows you to quickly access your favorite websites by simply clicking on the shortcut when you open your browser, but it can also cause a major issue by preventing the mode you were using from working.

You can bookmark or attach your favorite pages to a bookmark instead of using this function. Both of these alternatives may be more practical than the shortcut key combination.

If you wish to pin a tab, you must right-click on it and select “Pin to Chrome.” Otherwise, Chrome will open the associated tab every time you open Chrome. The star icon on the right side of the address bar can be used to save the tab.

6. Process Observation

For Windows OS, Microsoft provides an advanced process monitor tool, which you may get using the link below. This will produce a thorough list of all the processes and registries that are currently active. An advanced monitoring tool that takes over some of the Task Manager’s functions.

You must now reproduce the issue. Open Chrome and see if Continue is still not working where you left it. Don’t see all the tabs and windows that have vanished? Return to Process Monitor and see if the Chrome folder location has any access forbidden entries. If you find one, you must request that your administrator provide the required permissions.

7. New User

Create a new Windows user account to get fresh admin rights and perhaps solve the problem. To access Settings, press Windows key+I and select Accounts.

Under the Family & other users option on the left, click Add someone else to this PC. Click on the newly created account in the Settings menu and select Change account type. Select Administrator and click Save. Restart Chrome and see what happens.

8. Install Chrome with the previous profile.

Take a backup of the Default folder using the folder structure shown below. That’s where your bookmarks and other data are saved in your Chrome profile. If you have multiple profiles, they will be saved under the names Default, Profile 1, and so on. All of them should be backed up.


Chrome may be uninstalled through the Control Panel’s Uninstall or modify a program section.

Reinstall Chrome and restore the profile folder you created in the previous step. When prompted, select Replace all files to restore all of your Chrome data. If Continue where you left off is no longer working, try again.

9. Virus or Malware

It’s not out of the question that malware or a virus is interfering with Chrome’s normal operation. If you have Windows Defender installed, it should be running in the background automatically. If you have an antivirus program, run a full scan with it. Because this may take some time, be sure your laptop is plugged in.

Chrome – Pick Up Where You Left Off

That mistake isn’t new, and while some fixes may work, many individuals never get around to fixing it. That’s just the way it is, and if you don’t like the results, I recommend switching to an other browser. There are many options to pick from, but my personal favorites are Firefox or Brave. They’re not only feature-packed and light, but they also prioritize privacy.

If you have a different solution to this problem that we haven’t covered yet, please let us know in the comments area below.

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