How to Track a Stolen Laptop with Serial Number

Technology has made it easier for us to monitor and locate our personal items, including how to trace a stolen laptop using its serial number and other tools. But there are situations when we don’t even know the most vital piece of information: the serial number.

A laptop is a versatile gadget that may be used for a variety of purposes. If someone steals your laptop, you’ll want to make sure they can’t use or sell it again. You’ll need to know the serial number in order to report it as stolen and track down its present location. Fortunately, there are some excellent apps available that make this process simple for anyone with a basic understanding of computers.

It isn’t much you can do if your laptop has been stolen or misplaced for whatever reason. However, you do not have to give up hope because there are a few options, and we will explore How To Track A Stolen Laptop With A Serial Number in this article.

If you know the serial number of a stolen laptop, you can track it down. While it is understandable that some events in the current situation happen too quickly to be controlled, with the correct assistance, you can follow processes to recover your stolen device.

This post will show you how to trace down a stolen laptop using its serial number. There are a few options to consider.

What is the best way to track a stolen laptop with a serial number?

We all hope for the best and work hard to avoid becoming pessimistic. As a result, you should take some precautionary measures. Keeping track of serial numbers on all of your equipment, including your laptop, is a good idea. Your devices communicate serial numbers to the provider’s network on a regular basis, allowing them to quickly identify them.

To be sure, if you call your carrier to report your device stolen, your serial number will not be able to determine the specific location of your device. They can identify the equipment simply by looking at it.

Even though your hardware warranty states that the company cannot guarantee recovery, some manufacturer customer service departments acquire the serial number when you report your stolen laptop. Furthermore, if you make a police report, the officers will rely on such specific details to back up their findings.

Can a stolen laptop be traced solely by its serial number?

Even though serial numbers are mostly numbers, they are a fundamental means of identification for laptops. They provide the device with a sense of identity. When physical contact happens, they can be valuable for the police report, insurance, and pawnshop complaints, even if they only go as far as immediate recognition.

With merely a serial number, it’s impossible to hunt down your stolen laptop. If you opt to utilize tracking software, this information, along with others, may usually be used to follow the device.

Can a Mac Address be used to locate a missing laptop?

Six groups of two figures or characters are connected by hyphens to form your MAC address. To find out your address before an incident, go to utilities and run the terminal software.

Another alternative is “Command + Shift + U.” The MAC addresses of all network interfaces will be displayed.

If you can’t find your laptop, the first person you should contact is a network administrator. They’ll know more about what can happen if it goes lost, and they’ll know how to get it back to you as soon as possible. They may also be able to put in place certain safeguards to ensure that this never happens again!

  • Each device’s MAC address is usually unique. As a result, the administrator can employ a technique called as
  • MAC address filtering to prohibit or limit strangers’ access to a network.
  • Notifying the administrator lets them know that the device is no longer under your control, and thanks to a change in IP addresses, they can monitor where the connection is originating from. As a result, keeping your MAC address hidden is crucial.
  • Is it possible to track a stolen laptop using its IMEI number if it has one?
  • While we’re on the subject of numbers, does the laptop have an IMEI number? An IMEI number is only seen on cellular devices such as phones and cellular modems used with laptops and notepads. A laptop cannot be classified as an IMEI number carrier if it does not have this feature.

Each device’s MAC address is usually unique. As a result, the administrator can employ a procedure known as MAC address filtering to prohibit or limit strangers’ access to a network. Notifying the administrator lets them know that the device is no longer under your control, and they can track where the connection is originating from thanks to a change in IP addresses. As a result, it’s critical to keep your MAC address confidential.



There is a way to locate a misplaced Windows laptop

For Windows devices, Microsoft has a built-in feature called Find My Device. This feature, which was first introduced in 2015, makes use of the operating system to help you locate your laptop if it goes missing.

Log in to your device with your Microsoft account to enable Find my device.

1. From the start button, select accounts. After clicking on the account to select settings, go to ‘update and security.’ Choose the “update and security” section. If your information shows at the top of the screen, you’re on. If you haven’t already done so, you must log in.

2. When updates and security alerts arrive, look for the option ‘Find my Device’ in the sidebar menu. By clicking on it, you can select it.

3. You’ll see if it’s ON or OFF.

4. Sign in using your Microsoft account if you already have one. So, now that you’ve logged in, what do you do? Select 6. Find My Device from the list of devices on which you’ve signed in with your account, and then select the lost or missing device. It’s conceivable that if your device isn’t turned on, this feature won’t work. However, you’ll need an internet connection to use GPS to find its specific location.

5. To remotely secure the laptop, press the lock button.

Microsoft includes a built-in function called Find My Device for Windows devices. This feature, which was first launched in 2015, uses the operating system to assist you in tracking down your laptop if it goes missing. Microsoft has received rave reviews and is considered one of the best laptops for crafts. Check out this in-depth look at the best laptop for crafts. Microsoft Pro 6, a recent addition, features stunning visuals and craftsmanship. This is what you should do if you’ve lost your beauty.



Using Gmail and DropBox with an IP address to locate a missing laptop

According to surveys, one laptop is stolen every 53 seconds, which was a typical occurrence during the days of unlimited travel. Now that the figure isn’t so good, the question of whether or not a stolen laptop can be tracked emerges. Yes, there are several ways to track a stolen laptop. You can track your laptop with the use of particular software, which many computer users are unaware of. You might not be familiar with a number of technical terms unless you’re a techie.

Your IP address determines your online identity. The IP stands for “Internet Protocol,” which means “internet protocol.” It’s called an address because it’s made up of a series of numbers that establish a unique signature for each internet user. The address of every user is connected to their internet activities. Billions of people can contact each other thanks to these addresses. Is it possible to keep track of a laptop without access to the Internet? Right present, it’s practically impossible because you need to use the Internet to obtain a considerable amount of data.

Through Dropbox

1. IP addresses are the simplest way to trace down a stolen laptop. Examine the settings of your recently visited site on a separate laptop or device.

2. Select a login session from the list of recently used login sessions. If they have an Internet connection, the perpetrator will most likely turn on the laptop, and your Dropbox will immediately sync. As a result, your Gmail account receives an automatic notification. Dropbox is a great option because it logs you in automatically. Click on your account emblem in the upper right corner. After that, go to Settings >Security.

3. Next, scroll down to the web browser’s area and look in the most recent activity column for the information sign for the selected device.

Through Gmail

1. Gmail can assist you because it notifies you of new logins and where they occurred if the action is questionable. When this happens, you can use the last known position as a starting point.

2. To get the most out of Gmail, go to the web version and scroll down to the bottom right corner, where a details option may be found. Click it to see all of your account’s recent activities. To see the most current activity on your account, tap Show Details again and copy the associated URL or IP address. While you won’t be able to pinpoint the device’s specific location, you will be able to determine the town, neighborhood, or even road where it is located.

Through Facebook

On your new device, log in to your Facebook account and go to the “Security and login” settings. Look for “Where you’re logged in.” You’ll be able to observe all of your Facebook account’s actions. Look for unusual activity and hover your cursor over it to retrieve the device’s IP address.

Through Outlook

It’s a far superior solution for you in any such case because it’s Microsoft’s own software. Simply log in to your Outlook account and select your profile image from the drop-down menu (top right corner). You’ll get a list of all linked devices if you click “View account” and then “Devices.”

Filter out that specific (stolen) laptop, and you’ll notice a “Find my device” button below it. Click it, and you’ll see the item’s exact location on a map.

What happens if a stolen laptop is reset to factory settings?

There is a technique to retrieve your data if you did a factory reset on your laptop before it was stolen.

1. You must have tracking software installed on the device (ThinkPad, MacBook, or Apple).

2. You must have been paying its service cost up until the incident. As long as the tracing system can identify your information, including your trace code number (allocated to only active customers). Then events happen, depending on the software you’re using. When a thief tries to use your computer to access the Internet, the system sends data to a remote server.

3. Surveillance software, on the other hand, can take images of the thief, send them a warning message, and even circumvent many firewalls remotely, allowing you to link a location to continue operations. All of these things are possible with a factory reset.

How can you distinguish between a factory reset and a hard reset?

Many people have trouble telling the difference between a factory data reset and a hard reset. Here, I’ll compare both features to the best of my ability in order to clear up any misconceptions you might have.

Factory Reset :

1. A factory reset, also known as a master reset, is a complete restoration of electronic equipment to its factory settings, according to Wikipedia. It deletes all of the data on your smartphone and cleans the entire system.

2. You should do a factory reset if you wish to delete all of your data from your phone or if you need to reinstall the software.

3. Factory rest is a complete system reboot in which the entire system is formatted and returned to factory settings (the settings that were done by the manufacturer).

4. The power-cycle process is not controlled by the factory reset.

Hard reset :

1. The primary hardware components, causing all of the system’s software processes to stop working. This is usually followed by the system booting into firmware that re-initializes the rest of the system and restarts the operating system, but this is not always the case.

2. If your device isn’t working properly, you’ll need to conduct a hard reset. However, you should be aware that when you conduct a hard reset, all of your hardware-related memory is deleted, and your hardware will be updated to the latest version as a result.

3. A hard reset is a factory reset in which only the hardware is formatted.

4. A hard reset aims to restore as many settings as possible to their default configuration.

The power-cycle mechanism is controlled by the hard reset.




FAQs :-

1. Can A Stolen Laptop Be Tracked By Its Serial Number?

Although your serial number will not be able to pinpoint the specific position of your device, you can contact your supplier or provider to report the theft so that they can trace it down. If the device is powered on, they can quickly connect to its location. When you sign in with a complaint about a stolen laptop, some client care services from the providers capture the serial number of the laptop.

2. Is it feasible to trace a laptop that has been stolen?

It is feasible to locate a laptop if it is linked to a Microsoft account or if the serial number is remembered. Using its serial number, the network provider can track it for you, or you can use Microsoft’s find my device feature to track your laptop with your account.

3. How Can I Use My IMEI Number to Track My Lost Laptop?

Is there an IMEI number on the laptop, since we’re on the subject of numbers? An IMEI number is only seen on cellular devices such as phones and cellular modems used with laptops and notepads. A laptop cannot be classified as an IMEI number carrier if it does not have this feature.

If your device has a working 3G/4G modem, you can monitor the IP address as long as the thief maintains the data plan and does not change the IMEI carrier. An IP address does not identify a specific location on its own, however it can be used to identify a region.

Conclusion :-

Take the best possible care of your electronic devices, consider all essential preventative countermeasures to protect their safety, and if your laptop is still taken or stolen, master all the methods and tactics to reclaim it.

The post contains all of the answers, including how to track a stolen laptop using its serial number, IP address, or any of the other options. It’s a single, all-encompassing handbook for you. So, get back to it and read it.

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