How to make silicone keyboard cover stick: [EASY STEPS]

How to make silicone keyboard cover stick

Are you tired of spending hundreds of bucks for buying adhesive strips each and every month? Quite a task which costs you money and efforts right? Well now you need not worry about all that stuff because this article will help you in making a silicone keyboard cover stick of your own!

If you are someone who keeps a drink or coffee beside your working table then we have some useful advice for you. With this simple hack you will be able to prevent spilling drink over your keyboard and laptop. The steps are easy to follow and you will have a cover stick of silicone for your keyboard.

Although this is a life saviour, there could be some problems with the cover stick.

Reasons why a silicone keyboard cover doesn’t properly stick:

Mainly there are two reasons behind these sticky rubber keyboards not working:

1) The cover sticks are not applied with enough force put on the keyboard or the pad. It usually happens because people use their fingertips rather than making use of their palm.

The other reason could be that

2) Too much of space is present in between the keypad and the place where the user usually rests his or her fingers.

How you can approach this problem step by step:

Recently, one of the most blooming materials that are being used in covers and cases are those of silicone. Materials made from silicone are very good if you want ease in the cleaning process.

After using your cover stick for quite a time, there might come a time when the silicone keyboard cover stops sticking at all. Do not worry! Today we will learn how to make silicone keyboard covers be sticky once again in simple steps:

Step 1:

Before you place the case, you must first clean the surface where it will sit. You can use rubbing alcohol or even a damp cloth for this process.

Step 2:

In the second step, you will have to peel off dust or dirt that is present in between the keys of your keyboard.

Step 3:

As for the third step, you just have to apply silicon glue liberally to the top area that needs fixing.

Step 4:

Firstly you will have to make sure that the silicone cover you are going to be using is free from dust and is dry. After this, you can apply the cover stick of silicone for your keyboard. In this step, make sure that you do not stretch the cover stick too much else problems could arise.

Step 5:

Find a credit card or some object of the same type for the purpose of pushing out air bubbles which are left (if any) on the silicone cover’s surface.

Step 6:

Let the cover sit for a minimum of 24 hours to let it dry before you use it again.

Step 7:

With the help of a hairdryer, for around 5 to 10 minutes heat the silicone up. Then let the silicone cool down before you use it again.

Step 8: In the future, if you wish to replace the cover of silicone all you have to do is repeat the steps from 1 to 4 if it has become dusty and has worn out from using it too much.

If you wish to buy a new case instead, you can get it for around $20-$25 online. Such covers are good for your keyboard too! In the end, all the covers will fulfill your need which is to keep the computer clean dirt or dust free.

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