How To Check Laptop Fan Is Working Or Not?

If your laptop is overheating or sluggish while performing intensive graphic and video editing chores or running demanding apps, the problem could be with your laptop fan. So, how can you tell if your laptop fan is operating or not? Before we get into the checking, let’s take a look at why a laptop fan is so crucial.

Laptop fans are an important aspect of keeping the insides of your laptops cool. They absorb heat from the motherboard and processor and outnumber hot air produced by them, similar to how a radiator fan outnumbers hot air produced by a motor.

Overheating your laptop can cause problems and damage important internal components, resulting in costly repairs. Testing your laptop fan is important and simple enough that you should do it on a regular basis.

If your laptop fan is quiet, the air around the vents is quiet, and the laptop is really hot, the fan isn’t operating. Laptop cooling fans play a critical role in extending the life and use of a laptop, and an overheated system performs poorly.

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Importance of Laptop Fan

How To Check Laptop Fan Working Or Not | Lapsguide

The laptop fan is necessary to keep internal components cool, allowing your system to perform at its best and ensuring system longevity and reliability. But why is it necessary to keep the laptop cool? The major purpose of this is to ensure that your laptop performs at its best and that your laptop or PC runs smoothly.

When the laptop hardware becomes too hot, it starts to lag, and the worst-case situation with laptop heating is that it damages other internal components. Because laptop and computer technology is built to withstand particular temperatures, if those temperatures are surpassed, your laptop may fail.

The fan is the most critical component of your laptop or computer, and it must function properly in order for your laptop or computer to run smoothly. However, how can I tell if my laptop fan is operating or not? That’s what we’ll talk about in more detail later.

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The Top 3 Ways to Check whether Your Laptop Fan Is Working

Because the laptop fan is hidden inside the chases, you won’t be able to view it unless you open the case. There are a few simple techniques to see if the fan is working.

1. Listen to the sound of the laptop fan

The laptop fan is always revolving to remove heat from the laptop; it slows down when the load is lifted and speeds up when the laptop is put under extreme stress, such as when running heavy software or games.

So the approach I’ll show you is simple: simply pull your ear closer to your laptop fan, which is generally positioned on the sides and bottom of the laptop body, and you’ll hear a whirling sound.

But don’t panic if you don’t hear any of these sounds; the latest laptops are intended to only turn on their fans when the load increases and they turn off automatically while the laptop is in rest mode to preserve battery and resources.

So, switch on your laptop and launch some software, or open Chrome and watch a video in high definition. You should now be able to hear the laptop fan.

Note: Generally, the fan makes a smooth sound; if you hear a jaggy or rough sound, the fan is either broken or has a defect, or it is dirty, in which case you must open the case, clean, and replace the fan yourself or seek the assistance of a mechanic.

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2. Feeling the Air Exiting the laptops’ Fan Vent

Because a laptop is supposed to be portable and easy to carry and use, the fan on it is small, and the air that comes out of it is difficult to perceive.

So you’ll need to place some cloth and paper near the vents on your laptop. The fan is running properly and blowing air out of the laptop if there is a tiny movement.

By placing your hands in front of the laptop fan exhaust locations, you may feel the warm air.

This method for determining whether or not your laptop fan is working is simple and effective.

3. Using software that displays your system’s hardware specifications

There is a lot of software available to keep track of your hardware device’s metrics and performance.

This software will give you information on your system’s performance, heat, and how it works, and many of them will also detect faults and errors in your hardware.

You will be able to control some of your hardware devices with this software. You may, for example, regulate the speed of your fan and much more.

I recommend that you download and run software such as Burnin Test and Core Temperature, both of which are free to use.

This software pushes your laptop to its limits, putting the processor’s performance and heat to the test.

And these results will give you detailed information about how your laptop or computer is doing, including whether or not your laptop fan is malfunctioning, so check it out.

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Tools For Checking Laptop Fan In Windows

Real Temp, SpeedFan, Arhus Monitor, HW Monitor, and others are some of the software available for Windows users to monitor their computer’s performance. These programs will offer you the ability to manipulate your hardware.

“SpeedFan” and “Real temp.” are two of the most popular and commonly utilized of these programs. You’ll be able to adjust the speed of your laptop fan and monitor the temperature of your machine.

You’ll also learn what temperature is dangerous to your system, and when you reach that degree, you’ll need to turn off your laptop for a while to bring it back to normal.

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Application For Checking The Laptop Fan On A Mac

For Mac users, I recommend using “iStat Menu” to keep track of your system’s health and performance, or “Fanny,” a free program that monitors your Mac’s fan status. Install these programs and evaluate the results to determine whether or not my laptop fan is operational.

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The laptop fan is one of the most important components, as it helps the overall system run smoothly by dissipating heat through its vents. In this article, I’ll show you how to check if your laptop fan is working or not.

In summary, you can check whether or not your laptop fan is working by utilizing different tools such as Real Temp or SpeedFan, as well as by hearing the sound and feeling the heat from the vents.

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