PewDiePie Gaming Chair

PewDiePie Gaming Chair

You should know who PewDiePie is if you don’t already. He is the highest-paid and most popular YouTuber on the planet, according to statistics. This guy has made the impossible feasible by publishing stuff on his YouTube channel and making millions of dollars per year.

Knowing that PewDiePie is constantly at his workstation generating content, I was curious about the chair he uses. PewDiePie utilizes the ClutchChairz Throttle Series (in his edition), which has a higher price tag but is also renowned as one of the top gaming seats on the market, according to online research.

The chair has become even more famous as a result of PewDiePie’s use of it – and as a model that can easily conform to your needs and keep you comfy. Today, we’ll take a closer look at the chair.

ClutchChairz Gaming Chair and PewDiePie

A pewdiepie gaming chair review might help you realize why the Clutch Chairz is a good choice if you want a seating spectacle for your rig. What evidence do we have for this? Our specialists put this chair to the test, and this review summarizes their findings. Continue reading!

The PewDiePie variant of the ClutchChairz Throttle Series chair is a high-quality chair. Throughout the chair, there are extraordinary levels of support and comfort. Users can also choose from a variety of customization options, such as height, arms, and back.

As a result, you’ll be able to find the ideal setting for your body type. This chair is also suitable for a wide range of folks.

The materials used in the construction and design of this chair are of the highest quality. Perhaps this is why Pewdiepie has a customized version to maintain its dominance. There are forged aluminum parts on the base and other parts of the frame.

Furthermore, leather upholstery is among the best in the industry. This means that sitting in the chair is pleasant because the material promotes airflow. As a result, users can sit on it for long periods without becoming irritated.

The arms and headrest can both be adjusted, which is one of the chair’s best features. It’s all designed to provide you with a well-balanced set of capabilities. An examination of all of the best features and specifications reveals that it is well worth purchasing.

For users who want the best performance boost, a chair with a strong base, firm covering, and fantastic elements to adjust is ideal.

Specifications and Highlights

CLUTCH CHAIRZ’s PewDiePie chair is a fantastic product with input from the legend himself. As a professional gamer, he shared his thoughts on how the chair should ideally look.

He and the design team did an amazing job, as proven by the Brofist emblem on the chair in several locations. Pewdiepie has given his seal of approval.

1. The Base

Aesthetic characteristics are appealing and help to distinguish a chair. A chair, on the other hand, is much more than that. The heavy-duty foundation is one of the many ergonomic and functional components featured in this chair. It has a diameter of 70cm.

As a result, the foundation is sturdy and resists slanting or tipping. The base’s best feature is that it’s composed of forged aluminum. Users report that the product is extremely strong and long-lasting.

The base is designed to support up to two tons of weight. Because of the multiple tests it has through, we know that this isn’t just another false claim. To that end, the chair is sturdy, well-balanced, and long-lasting. A polyurethane coating is also applied to the castors.

They glide effortlessly on most surfaces and leave no stains on the floor thanks to the coating. This feature will appeal to everyone who enjoys relaxing in their chair at the end of a game. For example, if you have a wood floor at home or in a public location, you can rage without fear of having to clean up afterwards.

2. Armrest

The ClutchChairz PewDiePie edition armrest is designed to deliver the most comfortable arm positions imaginable. Everyone loves their hands in various parts, especially if they play video games.

You’ll want the freedom to do whatever works best for you. Because the arms on this Pewdiepie chair can be adjusted in four different directions, you have a lot of possibilities.

Moving the arms upwards or downwards adjusts the height of the arms. You may also move them side to side and forward and backward. The arms can also be rotated up to 10 degrees in any direction by the user.

As a result, the armrests allow for a full 20-degree range of motion. Because arm and hand position can either ease or exacerbate symptoms, arm and hand mobility and chair rotation can help to alleviate the source of RSI.

The Pewdiepie variant offers more than enough space to allow you to relax your arms. It’s also not overly narrow, which prevents the armrests from digging into your hands. As a result, your entire arm, including your elbows, can be rested.

3. Headrest

We all appreciate a comfortable headrest, which makes it simpler to concentrate on the game. The Pewdiepie edition’s headrest is typical, with elastic straps that attach into holes in the back of the chair. There are two pillows, and both are really useful.

They’re built of nice memory foam, but we don’t think it’s as supportive as we’d want. However, if you enjoy having your neck “hugged,” this foam can provide.

Given that the lumbar pillow flattens as soon as you scoot back, there is still room for improvement. You’re then compelled to consider why the headrest support was installed in the first place.

The headrest, in our opinion, does it’s part to protect and support you. As a result, we believe it is ordinary but effective in terms of head support.

4. Height and Tilt Modifications

The Pewdiepie gaming chair can be tilted at any angle up to 12-degrees. This is owing to the broad base, which provides for enhanced stability as the center of gravity shifts.

That’s wonderful for tilting range, and you can lock it once you’ve found the right position. One of the most important concerns for each gamer is a comfortable gaming angle. You don’t want to be in a position as a gamer where your chair is all over the place.

You can modify the height of this chair while sitting in it. Sure, it won’t fit everyone, but it will allow you to raise your height to your desired level. Your choice of measurement is also influenced by your height as well as the height of your TV, workstation, or another platform.

The ability to make modifications is aided by the use of a class 4 gas lift. This gas lift and overall chair can support up to 330 pounds.

Another advantage of the adjustable height feature is those back problems are less likely to occur. The chair may be adjusted to the proper posture so that no sections of your body are put under unnecessary strain. Back, neck, and shoulder vital areas are all protected.

5. Frame

The frame of this PewDiePie edition chair is one of the most important and significant characteristics. To that purpose, users obtain a sturdy and long-lasting tubular steel frame. It has been ergonomically engineered to accommodate your body form when you sit in the chair.

Without being unduly rigorous, the assistance is efficient and effective. There’s nothing in this Clutch Chairz product that suggests it doesn’t have a sturdy steel structure.

This chair’s frame may also be adjusted from 85 to 135 degrees of reclining. When you factor in the 12-degrees that the base offers, that’s a wonderful result. This is a total of 50 degrees of movement allowed by the frame. That means you can put the chair in whatever position you want for maximum comfort.

The frame is concealed by a layer of high-density, high-quality memory foam that wraps around your body in comfort. The sensation has been compared to that of floating. This chair, if anything, is quite comfy to sit in.

A sturdy, durable, and breathable PU leather has also been described to give this chair a sense of comfort.

6. Overall Construction Quality and Comfort

The overall quality of the chair’s major components, as well as the comfort they provide, make it worthwhile to purchase. Although the construction is excellent, there are some plastic sections in comparison to the aluminum and metal frame. The fasteners on the backrest are hidden by plastic coverings. To hide the bolts, we believe a higher-grade plastic could have been utilized.

The chair’s embroidery is wonderfully done. Even in terms of curved components and logo designs, Pewdiepie and the brand got it perfectly.

As a result, you get crisp, tight lines without skipping a stitch. Because the frame is composed of metal, there’s no way the powder-coated black hue will show any signs of wear.

7. Seat

It is necessary to have a comfy seat. The Pewdiepie chair does it here, but only because of its large seat. Furthermore, the seat has a wider height range than many other chairs, making it suited for persons of various heights.

From the bottom, you can control everything on this seat. You get things like a huge knob for adjusting the rocking tension. We also noticed that the padding on the seat is thick at first, but thins out as you approach closer to the backrest. Padding is very advantageous for those who are substantially larger.

If you’re really heavy, you’ll notice a bar in the rear of the seat. You can probably feel this bar because it stands out. Given the price of this chair from Clutch Chairs, that’s a bit disappointing.

However, don’t be concerned about the bar. This chair is amazing and quite comfortable to sit in. For gamers who want to gain an advantage over their opponents, this is a must-have.

8. Rocking Mechanism

This Pewdiepie computer chair has a rocking motor with tension adjustment and a robust rocking lock. If you want to take a mini-spin or tilt while gaming, this is a good option.

When you lock it in multiple titled positions, you can also stop it from rocking. This will help your spine become more comfortable and provide pain relief while you are sitting for long periods of time.

9. Support for the Lumbar Region

This chair has a huge lumbar pillow, arguably one of the largest in the Clutch Chairz line. The cushion has elastic straps that go around the back of the chair, which is ideal for a gaming chair.

Any portable lumbar back support, such as the one seen above, is curved differently between the ends (up and down). The ear, shoulders, and pelvis or hips are among the key body areas that benefit from proper lumbar support. Such details are meticulously maintained. The natural inward curve of the lower spine is preserved in this manner.

10. Additional Assistance

In terms of additional support, the ClutchChairz PewDiePie Edition chair isn’t finished either. The lumbar region and the neck are two parts of the body that require support when sitting. In addition, you will receive the previously mentioned lumbar cushion as well as a nice headrest.

Both include a high-density foam that is tailored to fit your lumbar region exactly. Furthermore, these features will make it easier for you to enjoy and maintain the chair over time.

Because you have to sit in a chair for lengthy periods, the pain will become a frequent occurrence if you don’t have them. If the support provided here was insufficient, you’ll have to pay more money.

The cold-cured variety is used in every area of this chair that incorporates foam. It’s the greatest on the market, thanks to a high level of quality that won’t deteriorate with time.

As a result, there’s no need to be concerned about a droopy cushion or an external pillow. Your neck and lumbar region will be supported for a very long time.

11. Assembling The ClutchChairs PewDiePie

You’ll discover that putting this model together is a simple operation. This is true for both novice and experienced gamers.

There are little packages with bolts within the box, as well as Allen tools. In the event of an accident, you’ll also get a handful of extra bolts. That’s a thoughtful gesture on the part of the company.

The bolts for the tilting mechanism are already fitted at the bottom of the chair. Even if users would welcome the same for other areas, the extra bolts are a lovely touch. At the very least, you can bet on the chair is simple to assemble.

12. The price

This ClutchChairz chair is usually quite expensive, especially if you want the Pewdiepie edition’s customizable features. The price may appear to be a little costly at first, but the chair is of excellent quality.

On the frame of the chair, there is a lifetime guarantee. You can compare how it works and the features to those of comparable high-end seats. What you get is a chair that is far superior in terms of both product and performance.

Overall, the most important thing to remember is that you’re paying for quality and value that will last for several years. The materials utilized are far superior to many other options available.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will gaming chairs help me play better?

Yes, to answer your question quickly. However, it would be beneficial if you did not get a gaming chair solely to improve your gaming performance. A chair with all the proper attributes won’t make you Pewdiepie, but it can help you perform better.

To begin, you must become comfortable and calm. As a result, you’ll be able to concentrate more on the work at hand and your opponents. Second, using a tried-and-true chair like the Clutch version is beneficial.

2. Who can use a gaming chair and at what age?

If a child understands the importance of a gaming chair, they will likely utilize one. Aside from that, there are many types of seats, including ones designed to support all types of ailments.

Some smaller adult gaming seats, for example, can be used by children. Before you spend your money, be sure the chair is appropriate for your age group.

3. Do gaming chairs aid in the improvement of my posture?

They certainly do! However, they must be used correctly. A gaming chair is meant to help you maintain and improve your posture when you’re sitting in front of your computer or screen. Ergonomic chairs, for example, offer additional support in the form of external headrests, neck cushions, and lumbar pillows.

With materials like cold-cured foams and the best upholstery that provides airflow, the best materials also prevent you from sinking into the chair.


The Pewdiepie chair is a gaming option that can help you improve your gaming reputation. The chair is outfitted with the majority of the best materials and tools to ensure your comfort. Because of the comfortable foams and cool materials, we wouldn’t be shocked if you fell asleep in a recliner.

The cheap plastic bolt covers, on the other hand, are unappealing, and the bar that can be felt on the seat is needless.

The armrests and backrest are excellent features, despite the lack of a button to rotate the armrests back and forth. Aside from that, the chair is quiet and comfortable.

We’ll recommend it to anyone looking for a firm foundation. You can modify it to fit your needs for the price. It’s all about what you want, as Pewdiepie discovered when he had one custom-made for him.

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