Best Gaming Keyboards in 2022

If you’re like that sort of thing, the finest gaming keyboards should be responsive, reliable, and possibly adorned with RGB lights. When you add in some unique media controls, volume wheels, keycaps, brilliant lighting options, and occasionally even replacement switches, your fingers are in for a real treat.

You’ll interact with your gaming keyboard more than any other piece of hardware on your desk, so it’s important to get it correctly.

Because preferences differ from gamer to gamer, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all gaming keyboard. The variety of gaming keyboards available these days can be daunting.

The next decision is whether to opt with a 60% board or tenkeyless (TKL) offering to conserve valuable desk space or a full-sized keyboard with media controls. When it comes to switches, are you more of a Cherry Red or Razer Green person?

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1. Corsair’s new K100 RGB Corsair K100 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - Cherry MX Speed  RGB Silver Keyswitches - AXON Hyper-Processing Technology for 4X Faster  Throughput - 44-Zone RGB LightEdge - PBT Double-Shot Keycaps : Electronics

Corsair’s new K100 RGB gaming keyboard follows in the footsteps of CPU manufacturers, including multithreading (via an inbuilt AXON SoC) allowing for a polling rate of 4,000 Hz. The K100, according to the firm, registers keystrokes “four times faster than traditional mechanical keyboards,” which normally have a poling rate of 1,000 Hz.

Most individuals won’t notice a difference between a keyboard that pings their PC 4,000 times per second versus 1,000 times per second unless they have four times as many fingers (or four times the response speed) as the average gamer.

However, many of the K100’s other new features, such as in-house optical-mechanical switches with a 1mm actuation point and a programmable metal control wheel (in addition to the volume rocker from prior generations), are significantly more significant.

The K100 is a superb clacker for virtual battle when combined with many of the additional luxuries that carry over from the preceding K95 RGB, like as PBT keycaps and a detachable cushioned wrist rest.

The linear optical switches are even better for typing than traditional Red or Silver mechanical switches, and the control wheel is great for zooming in and out for content production. On the right is the Corsair K100, and on the left is the previous-generation Corsair K95 Platinum XT.

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The Corsair iCue Nexus touchscreen controller can be seen attached to the back of the K95 in this photo. With two metal wheels and a touchscreen, not to mention all the other media keys, you can even attach the Nexus to the back of the K100 (via the USB passthrough port), though that may be control option overload.

The new K100 (on the right) is a development of the K95 Platinum XT, with the addition of a control wheel and a better wrist rest. The latter is actually much better, as it has a wider cushion area and, unlike the Razer Huntsman Elite, it attaches by magnets rather than plastic clips, which may easily break.

It’s worth noting, though, that the initial K100 keyboard Corsair supplied us had serious magnet issues, among other issues. Both magnets broke out of their housing and stayed glued to the keyboard the third or fourth time we attached the wrist rest to the keyboard.

The keys on that keyboard would also become stuck on occasion. We saw keycaps randomly popping back up a second or two after we pressed them four or five times over the course of a few days of use.

We informed Corsair of the issues, and they promptly provided us a replacement K100 that didn’t have any of them. Perhaps we just got a defective unit, and the great majority of K100s will be free of these flaws, but the initial unit did leave issues about build quality on a keyboard that costs well over $200.

The keyboard comes with a two-year warranty from Corsair. Many of the design features of the K100 are similar to those of its predecessor. A metal top plate, PBT keycaps with a quality feel, dedicated media keys, and a luxury metal scroll wheel are included.

RGB lighting is good, but it doesn’t add anything new to the table. However, there is lighting that sweeps around the sides and back of the room. Maybe Corsair will figure out a way to find their bright Capellix LEDs into the wrist rest or cable next time? That isn’t a recommendation; rather, it is a statement that there isn’t much left here that isn’t already lighted up.

The main exterior new feature of the keyboard is also pre-slathered in RGB. The customizable control wheel is a ratcheting metal ring that can accomplish a lot of things. It’s flanked by a profile-cycling button and a Windows lock / gaming mode key.

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When you press the middle wheel, its color changes to indicate whatever mode it is in. By default, blue controls the brightness of the RGB lights, green controls the control of music and other media, and white controls the transition between songs or video files (kind of redundant given there are dedicated buttons for this on the other side of the keyboard).

You can record macros without having to launch the iCue software by using Red. If you want to do more with the control wheel, open iCue, which has more presets for scrolling, moving between programs, and zooming.

I found the zoom task to be the most useful with the wheel as someone who edits images both at work and in my own time (with the latter occasionally incorporating editing video).

It allowed me to dial in swiftly and precisely for detailed tweaks, then back out to see the big picture. I could imagine the wheel here being quite useful for speeding up my process, especially if I worked with digital media rather than text.

You may also program the wheel to do other things like trigger macros or conduct other activities. However, I found its utility in games to be minor at best, because it requires taking one hand off the keyboard to operate, and the far more convenient bank of six programmable G keys is right there on the left edge of the keyboard.

I’d practically never use the control wheel if I didn’t have a non-gaming need for it, which is harsh given that it’s one of the keyboard’s two big new features and helps drive the price well above the overwhelming majority of comparable gaming clackers.

To take full advantage of the K100’s features, you’ll need to install two software programs. The company’s iCue software is a powerful (though clumsy) program that enables you do everything from manually control lighting to coordinating lighting with compatible Corsair devices, creating macros, and managing onboard storage.

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2. Mountain Everest Max

The Mountain Everest Max Mechanical Keyboard Review: Reaching New Heights  in Build Quality

You’re unlikely to have heard of the Mountain Everest Max in the gaming keyboard market before, but you should keep an eye on this fledgling peripheral brand – if everything Mountain produces is as innovative and well-made as this keyboard, we’re excited to see what else it can concoct in the years ahead.

The Everest Max is a fully customizable modular keyboard that seems like every part of the design was planned by the PC enthusiast community, thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign.

The full kit is $270 / £214 / AU$429, while the base keyboard (called the Everest Core) is $130 / £130, and there’s also a fully blank version branded the Everest Core Barebone for those in the keyboard modding community.

You may have detected a pattern here. Mountain is known for providing an enormous amount of variety and freedom to its clients, which is evident when you look at the product box.

While the keyboard is the major attraction, the packaging includes four drawers that house the optional modular accessories: a media control center, an ambidextrous Numpad, a USB-A to USB-C / USB-C to USB-C adapter, and a keyboard customization kit.

The modular attachments are a great addition, but the customizing kit goes above and above. You’ll get a set of eight magnetic adjustable feet to control the Everest Max’s position, a replacement Esc keycap to switch the company’s branded one if you want, a handy keycap removing tool, and five various varieties of hot-swappable Cherry MX key switches to try out.

The review item we tested came with a full set of linear red switches, but Cherry MX equivalents in blue, brown, quiet red, and silver are also available.

The keycaps themselves are thin and prone to smudge, which is a bit disappointing. Because the RGB lighting that shines through isn’t particularly bright, you’d be wise to invest in a set of high-quality PBT keycaps to truly improve the experience. If you’re looking for some ideas, HyperX pudding keycaps would help with the faint key backlighting and feel great.

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However, the overall build quality of the Mountain Everest Max is truly outstanding. With modular peripherals, there’s a risk that pieces will feel cheap or flimsy. However, despite moving things around and tweaking the configuration, it never felt unsteady or out of alignment. The accessory connections are snug, snapped in tight enough for peace of mind but not so tight that they require sheer force to disengage.

This means you can move the keyboard around your desk with all of the accessories attached if you need to clean or adjust your workspace, and nothing will move apart when you do.

The Numpad can be flipped over and the USB-C connection slid over to the chosen orientation (or even excluded entirely if this isn’t something you’d use), and you can switch the orientation by turning it over and sliding the USB-C connection across to your desired placement.

On the Numpad, you’ll find four macro keys that can be customized with your own graphics and programmed for pretty much anything, as well as full OBS connectivity for broadcasters. Of course, this is similar to what the Elgato Streamdeck offers, but in a much smaller package.

The buttons themselves aren’t as easy to press as those on a Streamdeck, with a much stiffer and less responsive click, but the fact that they’re included at all and work so well is nothing short of a miracle for PC gamers and multimedia creators.

The media control center is similarly packed with features, albeit a few of them aren’t quite up to par. You can change the default image that appears when your computer starts up, but if you use the dial, it will disappear, leaving no apparent method to return to the default screen.

The image will also be segmented, which isn’t visible in the Basecamp software and may irritate perfectionists who want to display a perfectly circular image. There are also lighting effects to choose from, like ‘Yeti,’ which replaces the image with…a Yeti, and a dual-colored falling animation that runs through the RGB keyboard.

Surprisingly, if you change the lighting color or animation in the Basecamp software, you lose access to the option to alter lighting animations on the hardware, and a few presets, such as Yeti, vanish totally from the software.

You can also adjust the brightness of the backlighting, although the brightest setting isn’t really bright and only affects the keyboard lighting, so if the macro keys are a little too bright (as they can be in comparison to the rest of the keyboard lighting), changing the brightness won’t help.

The display dial may also be used to monitor your system, providing a live feed of information such as CPU utilization %, which appears to be fairly accurate when compared to what was displayed on the PC itself. All of the controls on the dial are quite responsive, and we didn’t have any problems other than the lighting options disappearing.

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There’s also a wrist rest, which isn’t overly elegant but still doesn’t feel cheap. It contains a thin layer of soft foam that makes it more pleasant than the harsh plastic ones found on certain items, although it’s not as luxurious as the Razer Huntsman V2 Analog keyboard.

The Basecamp software is where things go down a point, but not enough to put you from purchasing the Everest Max if everything you’ve read thus far has you switching your fingers. It’s not particularly appealing to the eye, and the display dial has a few integration issues, as we previously observed.

If you’ve ever used software like Razer Synapse, you’ll know that this isn’t much worse. We’re blown away with Mountain, given that it’s a newcomer in an already crowded sector. It’s impossible to go back to any other keyboard with the Everest Max’s sheer functionality.

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3. G.Skill KM360

G.SKILL KM360 Professional Tenkeyless Mechanical Keyboard, Cherry MX Red,  ABS Dual Injection Keycap, (White)- Buy Online in India at Desertcart -  151802028.

G.Skill’s new KM360 keyboard aims to convert both gamers and non-gamers to mechanical key switches. At $49, it’s a very economical keyboard that provides the fundamental essentials for computer users. While the price does not place it among the finest gaming keyboards, it does place it among the top inexpensive gaming keyboards.

The G.Skill KM360 has a simple design, but that doesn’t mean it’s unattractive. The white model I tested (a black model is also available), and the combination of white plastic and a light aluminum top plate fits exactly in with Apple’s Mac style. It is also durable due to the strong plastic and aluminum.

The legends are all lit by white backlights, and the key caps are all white. The legends darken enough to show out against the white of the keycaps when the backlight is turned off. While the backlighting has no color options, it does have four brightness settings and, of course, an off setting.

The lighting is, for the most part, effective. The modest single LED light struggles to fully illuminate the legend only on keys like Shift and Enter. However, I’ve seen lots of much more costly keyboards with inferior backlighting. One drawback is that in weak lighting, the white caps allow some light to pass through, giving the keyboard a soiled appearance even at maximum brightness.

There are no extra keys on the G.Skill KM360, which has a tenkeyless design. That means there aren’t any multimedia controls or extra features. The fact that you can adjust the backlighting by pressing the Function key and Up or Down isn’t even mentioned.

However, there are factors that may cause the price to rise while only benefiting a select group of customers. As a result, the G.Skill KM360 foregoes these in order to provide a cheap keyboard with Cherry MX key switches, full N-Key rollover, and anti-ghosting. Except for the Space bar, which has a stronger Cherry MX Black switch, all of the keys have Cherry MX Red switches.

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Two little legs on the bottom of the KM360 can be used to adjust the keyboard’s angle for more comfortable typing. The accompanying 1.6m USB A-to-C braided connection connects the keyboard to a computer through a single USB-C port on the back. The detachable cable is a good move that improves the product’s portability and longevity.

Even though the G.Skill KM360 is marketed as a professional device, the Cherry MX Red key switches help it stand out as a gaming keyboard. It won’t have any issues while gaming thanks to N-Key Rollover and Anti-ghosting.

The Cherry MX switches are rated for 50 million clicks, so they won’t wear out in the middle of a game. Because the Cherry MX Red switches are linear, there isn’t a distinct actuation point, but it doesn’t take long to gain a feel of where the keystroke will register. In terms of gaming, this means they provide a consistent and reliable feel.

I spent numerous hours on the KM360 playing Overwatch to make that all of my moves and abilities put properly. I’ve used a lot of keyboards with Cherry MX Red switches, and it felt the same with these.

I could juke side to side reliably while evading enemy fire, and reaching over to execute an ability was simple. Because the keycaps are reasonably curved, I was able to feel when my finger was approaching the edge of a key and move it entirely to the next one, or stay on it and prevent hitting several keys.

After using the Cooler Master SK650, which has such flat keycaps that I regularly miss-pressed, I understand the value of a good contour.

The heavier Space bar is also a nice touch. I didn’t find myself accidently jumping in games because I frequently rest my thumb on the Space bar when gaming. But things aren’t good. Cherry’s key switches aren’t usually as fun outside of gaming.

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They have a lot of wobbling, which might make typing more difficult. Apart from that sway, the experience will largely be a matter of personal preference. This keyboard gives the Cherry MX Red feel at a reasonable price with a few caveats for those who have experienced and prefer it.

There are mechanical keyboards that are similar, but not identical. I’ve tried the Cooler Master CK530, which has additional bells and whistles, like as RGB lighting and media controls, but is $69 and uses Gateron key switches. Meanwhile, none of our current recommendations for the best inexpensive gaming keyboards lack actual mechanical switches.

At $49., the G.Skill KM360 provides a lot. It’s difficult enough to find mechanical switches at this price, let alone Cherry MX switches. The KM360 makes up for its lack of features with a beautiful and durable design, and the detachable USB-C cord proves that a budget device doesn’t have to be devoid of careful considerations.

The G.Skill KM360 is a winner if you want a mechanical gaming keyboard that focuses on your talents rather than the size of your budget.

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4. G915 Logitech G915 Logitech G915 TKL Tenkeyless Lightspeed Wireless RGB Mechanical  Gaming Keyboard, Low Profile Switch Options, LIGHTSYNC RGB, Advanced  Wireless and Bluetooth Support - Linear, Black : Video Games

Logitech has been on a mission to upgrade practically their entire line-up over the last year, upgrading several classics while also releasing a slew of new items to complement them and fill in certain holes. I was fascinated when I heard they were introducing a new flagship gaming keyboard as the resident keyboard geek.

Today, we’ll look at the Logitech G915 Wireless, which is that keyboard. It has bespoke low-profile mechanical switches, Lightspeed Wireless, programmable macros and RGB lighting, as well as multi-host Bluetooth pairing. Is $249 worth it? I certainly thought so after putting it through its paces.

So let’s take a deeper look at what makes Logitech’s most recent product so special. The Logitech G915 is a striking departure from the G910 Orion Spectrum from 2017. The days of Logitech’s flagships resembling multi-colored spaceships are long gone.

Instead, the G915 is best described as simple and uncluttered. The waterfall volume roller is the only design that breaks up the simple rectangular casing. The top is made of gunmetal grey brushed aluminum magnesium.

On the gaming keys, Logitech has ditched the decorative keycaps in favor of simple, custom low-profile keycaps that are sculpted to have the same spacing as a full-height keyboard and to naturally attract your fingertip to the center of the switch.

But the design appears bare at first glance, it’s evident that a lot of effort went into developing and polishing it, while critical functions like discrete media controls and macro keys remained there and accounted for.

As a 30-year-old gamer, I like the design; it’s stylish without being overly edgy or distracting, and due to Lightspeed Wireless, it eliminates one more wire off your desk. The low-profile design is the most noticeable difference from the Orion Spark.

One of the thinnest keyboards I’ve ever used outside of a Mac or laptop comes from Logitech. The entire height of the object is only 22mm. The case, on the other hand, is only 8mm thick, leaving ample of area for mechanical keys to move around. The G915 feels like the best of both worlds because to its ultra-thin design and pleasant key travel.

It also has a substantial quantity of weight, weighing little over a kilogram. A steel rod runs underneath the top plate to guarantee that it is always solid and flexes minimally. The innovative GL switches found in the G915 were designed in collaboration with Kailh to provide a satisfying gaming and typing experience.

They differ significantly from the company’s custom Romer-Gs. Instead of a light pipe in the switch’s center, we now have a design that allows for plenty of travel at a quarter of the height.

Instead of being limited to Cherry’s low-profile linear red switches, this relationship enables Logitech to design clicky, tactile, and linear variants of the switch. I was able to test out all three Switch models to see how they perform gaming and typing.

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The fact that they felt so much like typing on a full-height keyboard wowed me. The new GL switches have a remarkable 2.7mm of travel, compared to the normal 4mm found on Cherry MX Blues, while being almost half the height.

They have the same 50g actuation force as the MX Blue, however they trigger 25% faster at only 1.5mm against 2mm on the MX Blue. This makes them almost as fast as a Cherry MX Silver, also known as a “speed switch,” but without the ultra-sensitivity that has left gamers cold.

This design provides clear gaming advantages. The keyboard is objectively more responsive than a standard keyboard since it can register key presses faster… assuming your reaction time can keep up. In the heat of a Battlefield match, I’ll find whatever advantage I can get.

I’d be lying if I said I felt that having a more responsive keyboard made me a better gamer. Your mileage may vary, but skill will always win out over a half-millimeter.

More importantly, no matter what I threw at it, the keyboard felt excellent to operate. Because I didn’t have the full height of my standard keyboard, I never felt disadvantaged.

I was able to game games without having to learn anything new, something I can’t say for other low-profile boards like the Cooler Master SK650. The keys are nicely spaced, and the dual-stage tilt feet allowed me to quickly find a comfortable position.

The only thing missing was a wrist rest, which at this price point should absolutely be included. As a gamer, I spent years on the fence about using a wireless keyboard, constantly worried about slowness and battery waste.

Those days are over, as Lightspeed has demonstrated from its inception. When using Lightspeed, I couldn’t tell the difference between the G915 and my high-end Input Club Kira and Massdrop ALT wired mechanical keyboards. Small variances may be visible in lab settings, however the G915 performed wonderfully in real-world situations.

The G915 can also connect to mobile devices through Bluetooth for gaming. Of course, without the dongle, you won’t be able to use Lightspeed and won’t be able to get the same “wired-like” experience. However, for recreational or single-player gaming, it’s totally appropriate.

It’s a fantastic alternative, and I loved having the ability to quickly switch between my PC and laptop using the connection buttons on the board’s top.

While we’re on the subject of lighting, the G915 has a vibrant and saturated color palette that nevertheless manages to isolate light. The Romer-G switches’ ability to limit lighting to legends was a key selling factor, and I was apprehensive about the switch to these new transparent switches.

While there is greater light bleed than on the Romer-Gs, it is limited to the edges of the keys and does not produce the “light bed” seen on keyboards like Corsair’s K95 Platinum or Razer’s Huntsman Elite. It provided far better control than the touch screen interface, and playing the game felt far more natural than it had on mobile before.

The pairing process was quick and simple. I had some lag at times, but I’m not sure if it was due to the keyboard or the game, but it did persuade me that Bluetooth should be used for recreational gaming only.

The Logitech G915 is the most comfortable low-profile mechanical keyboard I’ve ever used. It has a lot of features, a long battery life even with full RGB lighting, and redesigned switches that will rapidly win over skeptics. I wish it was more configurable and had a wrist rest for $249, but it’s still a fantastic Logitech entry.

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5. HyperX Alloy Elite RGB (HyperX Alloy Elite RGB)

HyperX Alloy Elite RGB Review: An RGB and software upgrade

In recent years, the HyperX brand has expanded significantly, and the business has just begun to offer mechanical gaming keyboards.

With each new keyboard, it seems like we gain more features, and with the HyperX Alloy Elite RGB, it appears like they’ve finally completed the cycle, since it contains pretty much everything you’d expect from a premium RGB keyboard. Despite the fact that it is a “new” model, it is essentially the Alloy Elite with RGB lighting.

The HyperX Alloy Elite RGB seems like a quality mechanical board right out of the box, with a nice, reassuring weight. The keycaps and deck have a soft-touch feel, and the Alloy Elite RGB has a fairly flat stance even with the legs under the board extended.

To be fair, this is a full-size keyboard, but it has a smaller overall footprint than the Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2, for example. The size feels perfect even with the removable wrist rest attached—important when your desktop is taken up by the legs of a large display.

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The Alloy Elite RGB’s keycaps offer a comfortable, slightly concave face. The soft-touch texture is comfortable to type on, although the keycaps are tapered at the top, making them thinner. This saves space, but it takes a little getting used to at first.

Thankfully, the keycaps are well-made and secure on the switches, resulting in solid and reliable key pushes. Larger keys, such as the spacebar, operate smoothly and without any wobble. A set of silver, textured replacement keycaps for the WASD keys, as well as silver keycaps for the 1, 2, 3, and 4 keys, was also included by HyperX.

Despite the compact design, the top-right edge still has a row of useful, dedicated media buttons. Then there’s a metal wheel for adjusting the volume, which is one of my personal favorites.

Sure, it’s not the most vital feature in the world, but utilizing a wheel instead of a button makes it so much easier to alter game and music levels on the fly that it’s a feature that every modern keyboard should have.

On the top-left side, there are three buttons for adjusting backlight brightness, altering lighting profiles (more on that later), and toggling “game mode.” This feature (game mode) can be tweaked, however it’s typically used to prevent erroneous Windows-key presses while gaming.

HyperX has opted the always excellent Cherry MX switches for the keycaps. Cherry MX Brown switches were used in the review unit, which have a great tactile feel without being too clicky. Depending on your desire for loudness (or lack thereof), you can get this keyboard with Cherry MX Red or Blue switches.

The Alloy Elite RGB’s switches worked as expected, providing a satisfying haptic bump on each press. While other firms such as Razer and Logitech have opted their own mechanical switches with varied degrees of success, the Cherry MX name still stands for reliable quality, and the Alloy Elite RGB works flawlessly with them.

HyperX sells an Alloy Elite mechanical keyboard with a red backlight, as I indicated in the introduction, but the RGB variant features complete per-key lighting with the standard “16 million colors” tagline. Unfortunately, the lighting update comes at a cost of $60.

It has a brilliant appearance throughout, thanks to the floating keycap design. In a darker setting, the lighting on the Alloy Elite RGB looks wonderful and emits a very lovely glow.

There’s also a light bar above the function key row that gives a wonderful touch of illumination. Setting up lighting preferences on the Alloy Elite RGB isn’t a pleasurable experience, as I’ll explain later in relation to the software, but once you’ve figured it out, the board looks excellent.

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A sturdy, durable braided connection connects the keyboard to your PC and separates into two USB ports. The Alloy Elite RGB also has a USB 2.0 port on the rear, which is perfect for putting in a USB headset or mouse.

There are no dedicated macro keys on this keyboard, unlike similar high-end mechanical keyboards like the Corsair K95. The software on the HyperX Alloy Elite RGB is one of its weak features. To be fair, most keyboard software is about as fun to use as a tax prep app.

However, certain apps, such as Razer Synapse, are becoming more useable in recent days, but the HyperX Ngenuity program is a confusing jumble. From the start, it’s evident that the software’s user interface and capabilities are still in their infancy.

It took me ten minutes to figure out how to get the lighting presets. HyperX’s moniker of this software Ngenuity contains some horrifying humorous irony.

The HyperX Alloy Elite RGB’s Cherry MX switches are perfect for gaming, as expected. Regardless of the game, the brown switches in my review unit had a nice tactile feel and great actuation. Additionally, while the tiny keycaps aren’t excellent for typing, the concave faces are ideal for searching for a key when gaming.

The textured WASD keys, in particular, are easy to acquire while playing a first-person shooter like Destiny 2. Because of the board’s small size, it was comfortable to use the entire board while gaming. The flat stance is also effective.

After hours of gaming, keyboards with taller pop-out legs can cause wrist strain, so you’re better off just laying the board flat. When it comes to the angle at which the Alloy Elite RGB rests with its legs extended, it’s almost perfect. It still felt comfortable after several hours of playing Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

The wrist rest, on the other hand, leaves something to be desired, owing to its apparent short length. The soft-touch feel and textured area just beneath the main keys are pleasant enough, but I have large hands, and my wrists sat much below the rest with my fingers on the home row. This is clearly a personal preference, but I found the keyboard to be just as comfortable without the wrist rest.

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