Best Budget friendly Printer Scanner

To buying a printer and scanner in a good budget could be difficult as well as time-consuming. Machines like these make sure you get the best quality that you can for the money you put. It is understandable to get the feeling of being clueless when you lookat options like these.

If you work from home and have a home office, scanner is something that you surely needfor digitizing and to save all your paper documents. Devices like scanners and printers can be used in other areas as well that include education, medicine, law enforcement and engineering. Not all of the scanners are created to be equal, some of them are cheap while others are expensive for maintainance.Even if some may be expensive,they surely provide best type of service. It can be difficult to search the right type of scanner for all of your needs.

In this article, we have searched for the best printer scanner in budget for to helping you as well as your business. We will also share with you some of our favorite printer scanners for you to compare the features and prices between them. Here is our list of the best pocket friendly printer scanners present on the market.

Best Printers:

  •  Cheap Photo Printer: Canon PIXMA TR4520
  •  Budget Printer: Canon PIXMA TR7520
  •  Cheap Inkjet Printer: Canon PIXMA MG3620
  • All-in-One HP Envy 5055 Wireless
  •  Canon Pixma 3320
  •  Canon Pixma TS6420
  •  Canon TR7020
  •  HP DeskJet 2710e All-In-One Colour Printer
  •  Canon TS3322
  •  Canon Pixma MG2522
  • Other option With Scanner: Brother HL-L2390DW
  •  Cheap Laser Printer: Brother HL-L2370DW

1. Best Inkjet Printer for Cheap: Canon PIXMA MG3620 Canon Pixma MG3620 Wireless All-In-One Color Inkjet Printer  with Mobile and Tablet Printing, Black : Office Products
Canon PIXMA MG3620


  • The wireless setup is quick and easy
  • Availability of powerful printing options: Google Cloud Print, Airprint, Mopria, NFC, and Canon Print
  • Design that is compact and saves space
  • Prints on both the sides of the page along with an auto 2-sided print
  • The form factor is print, copy, and scan
  • The maximum print speed for color is 16
  • The maximum print speed for black white is 9.9
  • Connectivity technology is through Wi-Fi connection


2. The Best Budget Printer: Canon PIXMA TR7520 Canon PIXMA TR7520 All-In-One Wireless Home Photo Office  All-In-One Printer with Scanner, Copier and Fax: Airprint and Google Cloud  Compatible, Black, Works with Alexa : Office Products
Canon PIXMA TR7520


  • The capacity of output rear paper tray is 100 sheets of plain paper or 4 x 6 photo paper sheets that are 20 in number or 5 x 7 photo paper sheets that are 10 in number sheets
  • Front paper cassette has the capacity to hold 100 sheets of plain paper.
  • You can connect any device like a smartphone, tablet or any of your favorite devices with no difficulty.
  • Printing can be done hassle free either through Bluetooth2, from the Cloud3, from social Media4, etc.
  • The PIXMA Tr7520is that kind of a printer which is a wireless home all-in-one office device fitting perfectly anywhere, may it be your home or office. It is very simple for usage, and always delivers results that are outstanding.
  • The printer comes with features that are intuitive like the LCD touchscreen of 3. 0 inches, an ADF of 20 sheet and auto power on/off.

All these features make it clear why the PIXMA Tr7520 makes printing, scanning,copying, as well as faxing a quick and easy process for you.


3. The Best Photo Printer for Cheap: Canon PIXMA TR4520

Canon PIXMA TR4520 Wireless All in One Photo Printer with Mobile Printing,  Black : Computers & Accessories
Canon PIXMA TR4520


  • All in One Canon PIXMA TR4520 Wireless Photo Printer with Mobile Printing and Can be controlled with Alexa
  • Printers of Pixma are very simple to use as it has features like Mopria Print Service,AirPrint, auto power On/Off, Wi-Fi, and an in-built ADF.
  • The connectivity technology that the printer has is USB Printer technology: Inkjet
  • You can also save up to 10 % on all of the ink reorders with Dash Replenishment.Once you activate your printer,it measures the levels of ink and places smart reorders when you seem to run low. For this, you won’t have any subscription fees and it can be cancelled at anytime.
  • You can ask Alexa to print your to-do list, shopping list, coloring pages, crosswords, etc. For setting this up all you have to do is command Alexa to discover your printer.Alexa also detects when toner or ink seems to be running low and gives an order for more as per your need. This helps you in saving 10 % insmart reorders of all ink or toners along with restrictions applied.

4. Canon Pixma TS6420 Canon TS6420 All-In-One Wireless Printer, Black : Office  Products
Canon Pixma TS6420


  • Setup is easy for computers and smartphones so you get to work faster.
  • Things like printing, copying, scanning and navigation the features of the printer can be done easily because of the brightly-litOLED Screen of1.44″
  • You can easily print from your laptop, tablet or smartphonewith the in-built Wi-Fifrom any room.
  • Apps like theCanon PRINT, Apple AirPrint, and Mopria help you in printing from your mobile devices.
  • For creative printing options, you can download an app called the Easy-PhotoPrint Editor or the Canon Creative Park App.
  • Square photos can be easily printedfrom your smartphone or social media. You have an option to choose from either a 3.5″ x 3.5″ or 5″ x 5″ square Canon photo paper.

5. All-in-One HP Envy 5055 Wireless

Buy HP ENVY 5055 Wireless All-in-One Photo Printer, HP Instant Ink, Works  with Alexa M2U85A Online in India. B0799D4T89
HP Envy 5055


  • The HP ENVY 5055 that has replaced the previous model of HP ENVY 4520,comes with a Bluetooth, an improved connectivity for Wi-Fi, print speeds that are faster.
  • With this step up, you can create projects right at the comfort of your home.Printing, scanning, and copyingphotos of high-qualityalong with documents with crisp and sharp text can be done too.
  • For the first two months after enrolling in HP Instant Ink you can get free ink delivery at your home.During the set-up of your printer, plans that start at 0.99 $ per month after your period of trial, shipping and recycling are included.
  • App like the HP Smart allows gives you the permission to easily set your wireless printer up, scan documents from camera, and to print from social media. You can also print fromcloud services likeGoogle Drive and Dropbox.
  • Whether you are connecting to a network or a mobile device, the reliable Wi-Fi Dual Band, Bluetooth, and Smart provide you with a stable connection at all times.
  • With the feature of the optional HP Instant Ink, you can get delivery of ink that will be automatically ordered from your printer at your door. All of this will be available foras low as 0.99 $/ month.(with a subscription)
  • This all-in-one printer has a wide range of support for the paper size that include 4 x 6 inches, a letter, legal, 8 x 10 inches, 5 x 7 inches, and No 10 envelopes.
  • The printer comes with a warranty of limited hardware for one year and a 24/7 free HP Web support.

6. Canon Pixma 3320

PIXMA TS3320 | Document and Photo Printer
Canon Pixma 3320


  • The setup of the printer is very simple and only takes a few minutes if you do it from your smartphone. For this, you do not even need a computer.
  • The printer has been designed for easy usage and replacement and only requires two fine cartridges to print in quality.
  • You can print from any room through a laptop, smartphone or even a tablet with the in-builtWiFi.
  • For Apple users, no additional apps are required for printing and it can be done with AirPrint, your iPhone, Mac or iPad too.

7. Canon TS3322:

Support | TS Series | PIXMA TS3322 | Canon USA
Canon TS3322


  • The setup is through wireless connect provides the setup process in a very simple way taking just a few minutes from a smartphone.
  • The PIXMA TS3320 is designed in such a way that the replacement needs only 2 fine cartridges.
  • With in-built Wi-Fi,you can easily print from any of your rooms through devices like tablets, laptops, and smartphones.
  • With the rear paper tray available, you can load plain or photo papers.
  • The 1.5 inchessegment LCD screen lets youadjust settings easily.

8. Canon TR7020: Canon TR7020 All-In-One Wireless Printer For Home Use,Black :  Office Products
Canon TR7020


  • The printer has a brightly-lit and clear 1.44 inches OLED Screen that lets you print, scan, copy and navigate all the features with ease.
  • The 35 sheet compact Auto Document Feeder (ADF) lets you copy as well as scan documents with multi-pages quickly and easily.
  • With apps like the Canon PRINT, Apple AirPrint,MopriaPrint Service, etcyou can easily print from your mobile devices.
  • Through the Easy-PhotoPrint Editor application or the Canon Creative Park Application, you can have an access to more printing options available and other fun projects such as calendars,posters, and crafts.
  • With the square canon photo paper of either3.5″ x 3.5″or 5″ x 5″, you can easily print square photos via your smartphone or social media.
  • Apps like the Easy-PhotoPrint Editor or Canon Creative Park App will help you in finding options for creative printing.
  • It has a connectivity technology of a Wi-Fi.
  • The Printer technology is that of Inkjet.

9. All-In-One HP DeskJet 2710e Colour Printer:

Buy HP ENVY 5055 Wireless All-in-One Photo Printer, HP Instant Ink, Works  with Alexa M2U85A Online in India. B0799D4T89
All-In-One HP DeskJet 2710e


  • The printer comes with Instant Ink availability for 6 months that is included with HP+
  • The printer includes a copier and a scanner too.
  • The print speed goes till 7.5 or 5.5 ppm for either color or black prints.
  • There is more than 20 percentage of recycled plastic in the printer.
  • A quantity of 60 sheet input tray is present too.
  • The scanner is flatbed
  • Features like connectivity with Wi-Fi Dual Band are present.
  • It is capable of Wireless and HP Smart application.

10. Canon Pixma MG2522: Canon Pixma MG2522 All-in-One Inkjet Printer, Scanner & Copier  : Office Products
 Canon Pixma MG2522


  • The PIXMA MG2522,is the perfect printer that will help you with all of your home printing needs.
  • The PIXMA MG2522 supports optional ink cartridges of XLto help you in replacing them less often. This way it becomeseasy to print the documents.
  • For home printing, this printer is affordable.

11. Alternative With Scanner: Brother HL-L2390DW:

Brother DCP-L2531DW Printer, Brother Color Printers, Brother printer, Brother  printer with scanner, Brother multifunction laser printer, Brother printer  with wifi in Rajkot , Kalim Stores Private Limited | ID: 20715386191
Brother HL-L2390DW


  • The Brother HL L2390DW has been equipped with a scan glass that isflatbed for copying conveniently. This laser printer that is monochrome can scan directly through mobile devices.
  • The DCPL2520DW can achieve a print speed of up to 32 pages/minforoptimizing efficiency.
  • The new Brother monochrome laser printer has a capacity of 250 sheet papers that help in improving the office efficiency because of fewer refills.
  •  The HLL2390DW is capable of handling legal as well aspapers that areletter sized.
  • You can print card stocks,envelopes, and multiple sized paperwith an access to the manual feed slot that allows you to createdocuments that are professional looking along with a high resolution.
  • The wireless technology of the printer allows the process of printing to be done from your laptops, desktops,smartphones, and tablets.
  • The printer also provides free online call or live chat.
  • Once activated, the Amazon Dash Replenishment will measure the level of the toner and then order more from Amazon if it is low.

12. Best Cheap Laser Printer: Brother HL-L2370DW Brother 2764645 HL-L2370DW USB Wireless Network Ready Black &  White Laser Printer : Office Products
Brother HL-L2370DW


  • The printer is capable of leading print speeds that areup to 32 pg/min to increase its efficiency.
  • The capacity of 250-sheet papershelp in improving the efficiency of the printer because of the decrease in number of refills.
  • It can also handlepapersthat are letter or legal sized.
  • The manual feed slot of the printer lets you handle many types of papers of different sizes like envelopes, card stock, etc. for creatingdocuments that are professional looking.
  • You can also print wirelessly from desktops, smartphones, laptops, and tablets.
  • It comes with connection options of either wireless or local connection to a single computer through its interface of USB.

According to your budget and requirements, you can go through the features of all these printers and come up with the one that is the best for you.

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